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NM 22: Spirit of Man Given by God

Paradoxes of the Spirit of Man

Spirit put in Mankind

Who put the spirit in man?

NM22 Abstract

There is a "spirit in man." What kind of spirit is it? Where did it come from?

Paradoxes of the Spirit of Man

nm943 >> It is hard to understand how God, who is good, can give mankind the spirit of man which has led to so much evil on the earth. This is yet another paradox of God. From the God Papers we read:

nm944 >> Because of the paradoxes pertaining to God, some simply do not believe in God, or deny the Biblical God, or some are forced to not admit or not see the plentiful scriptures concerning God's "evil" side. As we find out in the God Papers, the secret to unlocking the paradoxes of God is the meaning of the Name of God, the phenomenon of time, and the phenomenon of predestination. His Name manifests to us how God can be good without actually doing evil in this old age. Hint: there is a left and right side of God. Satan, the left side of God (that is, the left cherub in the Holy of Holies [Ezek 28:14]; both cherubs were made from one piece; see God Papers, especially parts 8 and 9) is now doing all the evil in this age. The other hint is that God predestinated everything before the cosmos, thus before good, before evil, before law, and consequently before sin, so God's predestination is without sin. Soon the right side of God will take control of the earth away from Satan and bring good to the earth.

Spirit Put in Mankind

nm945 >> Did God really put the spirit of man inside mankind? In the Other Mind Papers (NM21) we mention the spirit of man as being put into mankind at the beginning by God, that is, by Yehowah Elohim. In this paper we will show you the Biblical verses. We will also use the KJV with Mr. Strong's numbers behind each word or phrase. Strong's numbers are inclosed in "< >."

nm946 >> Notice where the Bible first indicates when God gave man the spirit of man:

nm947 >> Notice also that the "LORD God" breathed into man the breath of life. The Hebrew word translated "breathed" is Strong's number, 05301. The Hebrew word translated "breath" in "breath of life" is Strong's number, 05397.

nm948 >> From Strong's concordance we see that the number 05301 means:

nm949 >> From Whittaker's Revised BDB lexicon, Strong's number 05301 means:

nm950 >> Strong's number 05397 means:

nm951 >> From Whittaker's Revised BDB lexicon Strong's number 05397 means:

Notice that one meaning of this word is "spirit." The breath of life could have been translated the spirit of life.

nm952 >> There was actually a dual sense to Genesis 2:7: one physical; one spiritual. Notice Genesis 2:7's close resemblance to John 20:22:

nm953 >> Christ blew on them saying, "receive the Holy Spirit." The word "blew" or "breathed" is Strong's number 1720 which means:

emphusao {em-foo-sah'-o} ... 1) to blow or breathe upon

nm954 >> The word translated "Spirit" (# 4151) in John 20:22 means:

nm955 >> In Genesis 2:7 Yehowah Elohim (Jesus Christ's Father, see GP 2) breathed or blew into Adam's nostrils and thereby gave him the breath of life. The same word "breath" (Strong's number 05397) in "breath of life" is also translated spirit in Proverbs 20:27 ("spirit" of man) in the KJV. And as we saw above it can and does mean spirit.

nm956 >> In John 3:8 spirit (Strong's # 4151) and wind (#4151) are used interchangeably depending on which English translation you use and in what context it is used:

nm957 >> John 3:8 and 20:22 were put in the Bible by God for a reason. In context with Genesis 2:7, it is telling us that as Yehowah Elohim in the beginning put the spirit of man in mankind, but in the end times Jesus Christ (through the power of God given to him) will give mankind the new and better spirit, the Holy Spirit (John 20:28). The Holy Spirit was given to mankind on the first Pentecost after Jesus Christ was resurrected (Acts 1:5; 2:1-4). This was the Holy Spirit prophesied to be given to mankind (Isa 44:3; Ezek 11:19; 36:26; Joel 2:28). But before this Holy Spirit was given there was and is even today (1997) in mankind the spirit of man that God (Yehowah Elohim) gave to mankind in the beginning.

nm958 >> There is a spirit of man that is in man (Job 32:8; Proverbs 20:27). It is man's spirit (Job 34:14; Eccl 3:21). This is an evil spirit ( 1Sam 16:16; see, "Other Mind Paper" [NM 21]).

Yehowah Elohim Gave the Evil Spirit to Mankind

nm959 >> Yehowah Elohim, who created the heavens and the earth, he gives breath and spirit to them that walk on the earth (Isa 42:5).

nm960 >> The spirit and souls Yehowah Elohim made (Isa 57:16). God made the spirit. Yehowah (YHWH or the BeComingOne) formed or created the "spirit of man within him":

Not only did God make the spirit he made the "spirit of man within him."

nm961 >> It is the spirit of man that is within mankind that knows the thoughts of mankind, while the things pertaining to God no one can understand except they that have the Spirit of God (1Cor 2:11).

Battle Against the Spiritual, Not the Physical

nm962 >> Since angels are spirits (Heb 1:7), since the meaning of "angel" is messenger, then the way evil entered the world is through the spirit of man within mankind (Also see "Other Mind" paper [NM 21]). That is why we fight against the spiritual world and not the physical world. Our battle with sin and evil on earth has to do with fighting a spiritual battle against the other-mind and its power, not against flesh and blood (Eph 6:12). That is, the flesh is neutral pertaining to good and evil, but the evil spirit or the spirit in man in this the old age is the evil we fight against. The good Spirit or the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ is what is given to mankind to fight against evil. It is this good spirit that causes mankind to repent of its old ways.


nm963 >> The change of mind in repentance is the change from the ruling spirit of man to the new ruling Spirit of God. When we receive the Spirit of God we get a spirit that is stronger than the spirit of man inside of us; strong enough to overcome the old mind and its ways of sin (1John 4:4).

Go to the "Other Mind Paper" [NM 21] to read more about the spirit of man (∂ nm928ff).