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Walter R. Dolen



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BeComing-One Papers

3 books in 1
New Mind Papers; God Papers; Prophecy Papers 

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826 pages


  Chronology Papers
3rd Ed. (7x10")

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328 pages


New Mind and Christianity:
Love is the New Mind,
the New Law is Love

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432 pages



2011 revised version
(6.14" x 9.21")
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314 pages

Prophecy Papers
Version published 2000

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186 pages


Harmony of the Gospels  


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216 pages

BeComingOne Bible 
Old and New Testament
7x10") 9 point characrter size
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826 pages


Einstein: Light, Time and Relativity
size: 6x9 inches

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131 pages

Male and Female:
Complementary Partnership

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588 pages


BeComing-One Bible (NT & Harmony)
New Testament and Harmony of the Gospels
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BeComing-One Bible: Old Testament
Old Testament only/ 11 point character size

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588 pages


827 pages

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