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[Taken from the Beginning Papers by Walter R. Dolen
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BP1: Introduction to the BeComingOne Papers

Bad News of Old Age
Good News of New Age

[Note: We try our best to use the best sources, yet we must always remember that all assumptions based on secular data must remain suspect.]

bp1» We live on the planet earth which teems with life. The Earth is like a jewel in a desert, for as far as we can look into the universe we see no other life forms. The Earth may in fact be unique in the universe. Life is fragile, amazing, unique, exciting, but sometimes painful. We love life; we sometimes hate it. What is life? Where did it come from? Did it appear through evolution that took billions and billions of years? Or did it suddenly appear? How much proof is there for billions and billions of years of evolution?

bp2» Whether you believe in evolution or creation, we can agree that life is very important. In fact, it is everything. Without life we would know nothing, we would have nothing.

bp3» But all is not well. There is much danger. It is now possible for mankind to destroy all life on earth, and with it all life in the universe, at least all known life. Atomic weapons, biological weapons, artificial bio-lab creations, and pollution can now destroy life, maybe all life through an atomic war. This is very important. At no other time has it been possible for mankind, himself, to destroy all life on the Earth. We live at the crossroads of mankind. You and I must do all we can to preserve life. But further, you and I must decide if there is more to life than it being a mere chance occurrence. Is there meaning to life? Is there a purpose to life? We believe that there is meaning and purpose, and that there is good news coming. There is purpose and meaning to life. But why is there confusion, war, hate, death, disease? Why is there evil? What is the meaning and purpose of evil? Before we look at the good news, we will examine the bad things.

Bad News

bp4» Magnetic Fields, Their Disintegration. It basically doesn't matter if life is billions of years old or thousands of years old. Life will end on this earth before the year 3900 AD. There is nothing you or I can do about this. I know most of you have not heard of this. Let me quickly explain. There is a magnetic field that protects the earth from harmful solar radiation. If there were not this magnetic field, life on earth would be destroyed by the harmful solar wind and cosmic rays. 

"Perhaps the most drastic impact would come from solar cosmic rays, ultra high energy protons spewed from the Sun during periodic, gigantic eruptions known as solar flares.... Today, Earth’s magnetic field deflects the vast majority of these destructive particles.... During a magnetic decline, the onslaught of solar flare particles would be more global, with potentially fatal consequences for terrestrial organisms." (p. 15, Frontiers of Time, Time-Life Books, 1991)

But the magnetic field is decaying in strength. About each 1400 years the magnetic field loses half its strength. A 1967 US government publication concludes that the magnetic field "will vanish in A.D. 3991." (McDonald, Keith L. and Robert H. Gunst. July, 1967. "An analysis of the earth's magnetic field from 1835 to 1965," ESSA Techical Rept. IER 46-IES 1. U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., p. 1.) This report was based on a linear decay rate not a more likely exponential decay rate. Even an exponential decay rate would leave the earth with a weak and worthless magnetic field by the year 4000 AD. But far before this, by the year 3000 AD, the earth will be suffering from the effects of increased solar radiation and its consequential mutations.

bp5» To speculate, today's reports of the vanishing ozone may be an effect of the ever decreasing magnetic field: the ozone "holes" appear near the south and north poles and not near the equator; "the magnetic field is decaying at a rate of 32 gamma per year at the magnetic poles, 16 gamma per year at the magnetic equator, and at intermediate rates everywhere in between the equator and the poles." (p. 43, Origin and Destiny of the Earth's Magnetic Field, by Thomas G. Barnes, D. Sc., 1973)

bp6» Atomic Inferno. There are 22 thousand atomic weapons on earth today. (2011; Today less weapons exist) many of these can destroy a city. Already two of these weapons have been used against the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan during World War II. They were small weapons compared to today's huge atomic weapons. Today there are atomic bombs 100 to 1000 times larger in power. They can be launched in missiles that can hit cities anywhere in the world in less than half an hour. At no time in history has such destructive power existed. One of today's air bombers has more destructive power than all the armies of the Roman Empire. The great nations of yesterday were weaklings compared to today's nations. Their power was pathetic compared to today's atomic-equipped countries. The USSR's (Russia's) Typhoon nuclear submarine is said to be able to obliterate any country within 5,000 miles of its position in the ocean. The United States of America also has its nuclear submarines that can do the same thing. The USSR (Russia) and the United States each have atomic bombs in their submarines' ballistic missiles equal to 1.4 billion tons of power. It only takes one small atomic weapon to completely destroy a city of 250,000. The city of Hiroshima in Japan was destroyed by a 20-kiloton bomb in 1945. This means that the total nuclear power in the submarines of Russia and the United States' can destroy 140,000 cities of 250,000 people.

bp7» Because of these weapons' frightening destructive power, we try to ignore these weapons, but we must be on guard. The whole earth and maybe life itself is in danger. Today you hear about the theory of the "nuclear winter," which, according to some, may be an effect of an atomic war. But a more threatening and immediate event could occur. Most have not read or even heard of this great danger since the 1950's, not because it can't happen, but because of the head-in-the-sand mentality of humans. Some of today's larger weapons exploded together could conceivably ignite the atmosphere and destroy mankind by burning all of us alive. Horace C. Dudley, a former Professor of Radiation Physics at the University of Illinois Medical Center, wrote in 1975 the book, The Morality of Nuclear Planning?, wherein he wrote:

"During WWII the eminent scientists of that era offered two options to President Roosevelt. These were in effect: Accept the possible slavery of the Nazi Axis or develop and explode atomic bombs.

There was a third option that was kept under wraps, TOP SECRET, discussed only behind closed doors, although sometimes guardedly by the lower echelons of 'The Manhattan Project.' This was the possibility of triggering a vast nuclear accident when and if a fission device was detonated." (Dudley p.29)

bp8» Dudley quotes Pearl S. Buck from the American Weekly (March 8, 1959) who then wrote:

"And if hydrogen, what about the hydrogen in sea water? Might not the explosion of the atomic bomb set off an explosion of the ocean itself? Nor was this all that Oppenheimer feared. The nitrogen in the air is also unstable, though less in degree. Might not it too, be set off by an atomic explosion in the atmosphere?

'The earth would be vaporized?,' I said [Pearl S. Buck questioned]. 'Exactly,' Compton said, and with what gravity! 'It would be the ultimate catastrophe.... If, after calculation, he said, it were proved that the chances were more than approximately three to one million that the earth would be vaporized by the atomic explosion, he would not proceed with the project. Calculation proved the figures slightly less -- and the project continued." (Dudley p. 29) [Compton here is the Nobel Prize winner Arthur H. Compton]

"What if Oppenheimer, Fermi, Compton et al. were right in 1945, and the odds were 3 to one million of a world-wide conflagration? But now the bombs are a thousand times as powerful. Does this lower the odds to 3,000 per one million or properly 3 in 1,000." (Dudley p. 29)

bp9» At the time the first Atomic Bomb was scheduled to go off in New Mexico, S. Groueff writes in Manhattan Project, p. 352:

"There were altogether too many excited people around giving him [Oppenheimer] advice on what he should do. Groves was annoyed, too, with Fermi, who was making bets with his colleagues on whether the bomb would ignite the atmosphere, and if so, whether it would destroy only New Mexico -- or the entire world." (quoted by Dudley, p. 30)

bp10» At the end of the 1989 movie called Fat Man And Little Boy, just before the atomic device was exploded, the betting about whether the bomb would ignite the atmosphere and destroy New Mexico or the whole world is also mentioned.

bp11» A nuclear winter would be bad enough, but an immediate worldwide inferno would be even more dreadful, and it would be permanent. Life would end on earth. One mad leader could ignite such a war. Scientists do not know how many atomic bombs it would take to ignite the atmosphere, if exploded together. There is a new branch of science called the science of Chaos. (James Gleick, Chaos: Making a New Science, 1987; see Science Papers) The science of Chaos manifests that it may be impossible to predict how huge an atomic explosion would be needed to ignite the atmosphere. Past calculations are obsolete and hampered by naive linear thinking. Enough atomic bombs exploded together may be equivalent to the needle that broke the camel's back. There is a limit to the amount of intense heat that can be applied to the atmosphere before it will ignite and burn up. It may only take a few large explosions in a certain limited area before the atmosphere will ignite. We must not let this happen. But sometimes events take on a life of their own outside of common sense.

bp12» Biological Catastrophe. In the San Francisco Bay Area, where I presently live, there are biogenetic laboratories creating new biological forms. It is no leap of imagination to think of new biogenetic materials being created that could exponentially spread throughout the earth and destroy it. There are also biological weapons being created. It may take only one terrorist or one careless laboratory mistake before a dangerous biological form escapes into the environment.

"Lately, concerns have grown about the potential ecological, social and economic effects of world commerce in engineered seeds, organisms and biotech products.... Some fear that engineered microbes or plants will disrupt local ecologies and undermine traditional farming practices. Others have focused on perceived, albeit unproven, health threats from eating genetically engineered grains or cereals." (Washington Post, Feb 14, 1999)

bp13» Cambodia, Death. "The evacuation and massacres ... led to the death of at least 1 million Cambodians....

The forced exodus of some 3.5 million people, half the country's population, was part of a complex plan to destroy a society's past and present....

...the regime was systematically killing off anyone with even a high-school education....

The cities were emptied, an Angka Loeu ["Organization on High"] commissar once told a Catholic priest, 'because people are good but cities are evil.' " ("A Communist Solution: The Death of a Million Cambodians," U.S. News & World Report, Aug 8, 1977, p. 33)

Why would leaders do such outrageous things against their own people?

bp14» World War II. It was World War II. Germany was fighting Great Britain. Great Britain was fighting Germany. Most in both countries considered themselves Christians. Both were praying to the same God for victory during the war. Both were killing each other.

bp15» Natural Catastrophe. Almost every day natural catastrophes happen. In late 1988, Armenia in the Soviet Republic had an earthquake and as many as 30,000 people died and as many as 500,000 lost their homes. Although the high number of deaths was caused in part by the poor construction of buildings, there have been much larger natural catastrophes in the past that were not traceable to human error. In the year 1877, 900,000 lost their lives during a flood of the Yellow River (Hwang-ho R.) in China, and another 1,000,000 lost their lives in 1970 because of a circular storm in the Ganges Delta isles in Bangladesh. Why natural catastrophes? If the world is the product of a good God, why do these natural catastrophes happen?

bp16» Diseases and Pests. Why are there pests like mosquitoes? The females suck blood of animals and man and thereby sometimes transmit certain diseases like malaria and yellow fever. Why would a good and all powerful God create mosquitoes that suck blood? Or why are there pests at all? Why diseases?

bp17» Suicide in Mass. Jim Jones at first considered himself a Christian, a man of God, a prophet, but later he thought he was a god. He asked over 900 of his followers in November 1978 to kill themselves; they did.

bp18» Drugs to Baby Selling. "The parents of a two-month-old boy were in custody Wednesday, accused of selling their child to undercover police officers for $3,500 and 3 ounces of uncut cocaine, police said." (UPI, Nov 24, 1988)

bp19» Depersonalization and Rape. "A young Stockton man was allowed Thursday to plead no contest to charges for kidnaping, shooting and sexually assaulting a woman in front of her two small children....

Brown refused the woman's pleas to let her take her children to baby sitter's. He forced her to drive to a remote location.... Angrily telling her she was not undressing fast enough, he shot her in the abdomen from a few feet away. Then, while she cried with pain and her children yelled hysterically in the car, he raped her, sodomized her and forced her to perform oral copulation." (Stockton Record, Dec 5, 1986)

bp20» Death and Profit. "Police found a fifth corpse yesterday buried in the yard of a tree-shaded Victorian boarding-house and hunted for the landlady suspected of killing the elderly victims and cashing their Social Security checks." (AP, Nov 14, 1988) At least two other bodies were later found.

bp21» Nazism the Japanese and Genocide. "Although the word genocide was first coined in 1944, the crime itself has been committed often in history. A systematic campaign for the extermination of peoples was carried on by Nazi Germany in its attempts in the 1930's and 40's to destroy the entire European Jewish community and to eliminate other national groups in Eastern Europe." ("genocide," The New Columbia Encyclopedia, 4th Ed, 1975) The Armenians, Cambodians, Africans, and others have also suffered what you could call genocide in this century; hundreds of thousands, millions have been killed because of their race and/or beliefs. According to the book, Prisoners of the Japanese: POWs of World War II in the Pacific, by Gavan Daws:

"In Manchuria . . . Unit 731 . . . did experiments on human beings. . . . Some were infected with disease: cholera, typhoid, anthrax, plague, syphilis. Others were cut up alive to see what happened in successive stages of hemorrhagic fever. Others had their blood siphoned off and replaced by horse blood. Others were shot, burned with flamethrowers, blown up with shrapnel and left to develop gas gangrene, bombarded with lethal doses of X rays, whirled to death in giant centrifuges, subjected to high pressure in sealed chambers until their eyes popped from their sockets, electrocuted, dehydrated, frozen, boiled alive.''

See War Crimes.

bp22» Cannibalism. Until the last few decades it was a common ritual in a few cultures to ceremonially and literally eat their war victims. Cannibalism may still be occurring today in remote parts of the world.

bp23» Human Sacrifice. In April 1989, in Mexico, near the border town of Brownsville, Texas, the bodies of more than 12 people were found who had been sacrificed and mutilated by drug selling cultists. Some victims may have been children. These cultists were reported to have sacrificed their victims to Satan for protection from their drug selling activity.

bp24» Infanticide. In the far past it was a religious custom among some cultures to sacrifice their young off-spring to a fire god. They killed their children in order to fulfill some rite of creed. They considered this barbarous act a righteous act.

bp25» Abortion. According to modern dogma, a woman has the "right" to "choose" to have or not have a baby; the father has no say in the matter; society has no say in the matter. Over the last twenty years, the baby in the womb has been dehumanized into the aborted "fetus."

bp26» Family Planning. "As part of its one-family, one-child population policy, the government of China forbids expectant parents who already have a child to bear any more. If the parents don't obey, the government hauls the mother into a 'hospital,' kills the baby and then sterilizes the mother. It's called family planning." (The Washington Times, editorial page, April 11, 1989)

bp27» Sadism. "Ng is accused in the slaying of 12 people between June 1984 and January 1985. Most of the charges involve sex-torture killings at a rural cabin in Calaveras County, east of San Francisco.

He faces 25 charges in California, including at least 10 of murder." (AP, Oct 29, 1988) Videotapes of some of the murder-torture killings have been found. This is an example of extreme depersonalizing of others. To Ng the dead and dying were flesh for his perverse desires and not human beings with life, feeling, and rights.

bp28» Racism. "Ku Klux Klansmen burned a wooden cross during a rally in a suburban Atlanta county in full view of a mostly black congregation gathered in a nearby church... Ramsey, owner of the property where the rally was held, said she asked the Klan to conduct the rally 'to send a message' to members of the church.... She declined to say what the message was." (Washington Times, Nov 14, 1988) This act by the Ku Klux Klan is mild compared to much worse acts committed each day all over the earth by people in all nations.

Every country has racism. Some are wrongly discriminated against merely because their skin is a shade darker or lighter than the majority's skin color. Black African students in Nanjing, China have heard Chinese mobs chanting, "down with blacks." There are the Eta people or the Buraku-min, the "untouchables," in Japan. There are the millions killed in tribal wars in Africa. India has its castes and untouchables. Spain has its Catalans and Basques. Latin America has its discrimination against its Indian populations. Iraq's used poison gas against the Kurds. Algeria has its discrimination against the Berber minority. So on and so forth. No country is pure.

bp29» Deadly-Depression. Sheryl was depressed. "She threw Michael [her six-month-old child] in front of an oncoming car which swerved to avoid the child. She said she then picked him up, went to her own garage and beat him on the head with a tool. She then placed her son under her station wagon and ran over him, then dumped his body in a trash can." She had "depression." She also could not believe it when a jury pronounced her guilty of murder. (AP, Nov 18, 1988)

bp30» Victimizer Wins. Sheryl, the mother who brutally killed her six-month-old child, had her "second-degree murder conviction... set aside Friday by a judge who found there was no proof the woman acted with malice." The ruling was changed, by Judge Robert Fitzgerald, to "voluntary manslaughter" as "her family burst into cheers and applause" after the decision. Notice what the Judge calls "voluntary manslaughter:"

"On April 29, 1987...she [Sheryl] tried to toss the child in front of an oncoming car, near her Fullerton home, but the driver swerved and missed. She then beat the infant on the head with a tool, then placed Michael face-up under the tire of her Volvo station wagon and ran over him. She tossed the dead baby in a trash can." (AP, Dec 24, 1988)

Maybe the "Judge's" thinking has something to do with the child's age, Michael was only six months removed from the label of a fetus. The Judges in this country at this time think it is all right to kill fetuses; they call it abortion.

bp31» Transsexual-Madness. An adopted baby was beaten to death by his step-parents who were trying to stop the baby's crying. The baby's "parents" were two San Francisco Bay area homosexuals who successfully fooled an adoption agency into thinking that they were man and wife instead of two males playing house.

In January 1989 three-year old Jerome Allen Martin was killed by his mother's lover. The two women then conspired to hide the crime by burying the child in a grave about a 100 paces from their trailer. The child was beaten and mistreated his whole life. Jerome never knew his father since both of these homosexual women conspired to have the baby by having Miss Martin sleep with men until she was impregnated. (from articles in The Modesto Bee, Jan 10 to Jan 21, 1989)

bp32» Guru Deference. Ethan Schutz: "I remember my father trotting me out, holding me up as the perfect being, the little kid who wasn't screwed up yet," he says. "That's why I never told him when I started having problems, why I always told him everything was OK even when I didn't feel that way. I knew he'd lose interest in me, just like he lost interest in my older brother and sister when they were no longer his image of a pure and unspoiled child." "Ethan's father, William Schutz, was one of the most important guides to the new psychic terrain. With the zeal of a Marine sergeant, he put his charges through rigorous five-day encounter sessions" at the Esalen Institute near Big Sur, California, which was a center for the human potential movement. (quoted from "Daddy, or Mommy, was a Guru," San Jose Mercury News, West magazine insert, Nov 27, 1988, pp 13, 6)

bp33» Design Blindness; Code Of Life. Henry is a professor in college. He believes in evolution. Evolution is a theory where everything comes from a non-intelligent soup. But everything he has studied in his life points to the fact that everything that is alive, or that is designed by man, has intelligence or design built into it. For example, there are approximately 10 trillion cells in a human's body. In each cell there is a code consisting of "about 3 billion molecules known as bases, the letters of the genetic code. The compendium of data is equivalent to almost 20 complete editions of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. By referring to these instructions a single fertilized egg multiplies itself into all the specialized cells -- muscle, skin, brain, liver -- that make up a mature organism." (David Ansley, "Breaking the Human Body's Code," San Jose Mercury-News, January 15, 1989, pp 1, 16a) Between 1990 and 2003 a map of human's DNA was made. This code can only come from an intelligent source. There are genetic codes among all life-systems. In a sense the universe can be looked upon as a universal mind. (see Jeremy Rifkin's 1983 book, Algeny)

bp34» To Review. Misguided leadership, depraved behavior, murder in its many forms, perceptual blindness, and all other forms of impersonal and dysfunctional behavior happen in one form or other throughout the world in each nation and in all cultures. Everyday throughout the world some husbands physically beat their wives, and wives verbally beat their husbands. Everyday parents, some drunk on wine or drugs, beat their children physically or mentally, and children defy their parents. Everyday some employers mistreat their workers, and workers defraud their employers. Everyday some form of natural catastrophe happens. And maybe even worst of all small children suffer and die each day. There is one word in the English language to describe the aforementioned behavior: evil. Contrary to what some say there is evil in the world. This is not to say that all or most of the world's behavior is evil or wrong, but that there is too much wrong behavior. Why? And what about natural catastrophes? And why do young children get sick, get mistreated, and even are killed? Did they do something wrong? Or, if there is a God, and if he is good, and if he is all powerful, then, yes, why do children have to suffer? Why does anyone have to suffer? (1) Is there something behind the world's wrong behavior and is there a reason and a purpose for this behavior? (2) Do natural catastrophes and even the sickness and death of young children also have their purpose?

Old Age

bp35» We live in the old age. Not all in this old age is as bad as some of the scenes just depicted, but there is enough of it to make life a bitter pill in many ways. It's an age with a purpose that very few understand. Yes, it does have a purpose. But the old age is about over. The Old Age will have a great and rightly deserved end. The BeComingOne Papers announces the old age's purpose, its source of evil, its time of fall, and the coming New Age. Some of you will witness the fall of the old age; all of you will witness the New Age, the coming age, the golden age.

New Age

bp36» There is good news, and lots of it. Irrespective of the world around you today, the universe is BeComingOne.  You and I, our best friends and our worst enemies, are headed towards one goal.  That one goal is BeComingOne.  We are now in the age of confusion and hate, but a New Age is coming wherein we will all live together in harmony.  There is a reason for the present age.  The confusion isn't futile, even though it may seem so.  You and I aren't perfect now, but we will be.  Time is headed towards a goal.  The goal is harmony.  The goal is BeComingOne.

bp37» This is the "Introduction Paper" [BP1] of The BeComingOne Papers.  In these papers we seek the answers to the mysteries of life and the contradictions of religion and science.  Yes, we know there are many others who have promised you answers, but how many of them really delivered the answers to you? I have been promised answers to life many times myself, but I have been repeatedly dissatisfied with the answers.  Why evil? Is there a God? Who or what is God? Why death? Why pain? Does science have the answers? Does religion have the answers? Does a combination of both have the answer? How can God be good and all powerful, and yet allow evil? Who am I? Where am I going? What is it all about? Is life really meaningless as some say, or is there meaning? What about after death? The BeComingOne Papers does its best to answer these questions. The answers make sense even though they are different from traditional answers.  Traditional answers have too much mystery and contradiction in them.  We do away with mystery and contradiction against the law of contradiction. 

bp38» This old age is full of opinion.  Everyone seems to have their own opinion on what is and what is not evil.  Many call actions evil when in fact the only evil is in the eyes of the beholder.  Many call actions right when in fact they are destructive.  There are many opinions on what is a good man, a good Christian, a good Islamic, a good agnostic, or a good....  There are so many opinions on who or what is God, or even if there is a God.  In other words, in this old age there is much confusion.  And with this confusion there is disillusion, cynicism, hate, jealousy, conceit, false-knowledge, and the rest.

bp39» Too many have cried "truth, truth." Too many have wrongly followed.  But the truth will stand or fall on its own. There is a goal in the universe: the universe will Become One. You won't do it, nor can you prevent it; I can't do it, nor can I prevent it. All will Become One.

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"Tolerance of evil breeds more evil" 

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