Dating system examples to help explain the 1290 days and 1260 days.

For example IF May 28, 2023 A.D. is the End of the Old Age, then...

Day per Bible



1335th Day
[40 Days End or begin?]
Blessed (given the Spirit and/or power) is the one who waits Oct 1, 2019 A.D. (+ or - a day; Jerusalem Time)
1290th Day away from when the Daily Sacrifice is taken away Ten Nation Beast set-up [PP2] Nov 15, 2019 A.D. (+ or - a day; Jer. Time)
Two Witnesses begin 1260 Days of Prophesying /  Two Witnesses(2) start their prophesying 3 days before the Seven Nation Beast / Falling Away occurs [PP8] or on the same day the Seven Nation Beast comes into being. Dec 12-15, 2019 A.D. (+ or - a day; Jer. Time)
1260th Day away from when the Daily Sacrifice is taken away Seven Nation Beast / Beast-man manifested [PP2 & PP3] Satan gives it his power of evil and lies. Dec 15, 2019A.D. (+ or - a day; Jer. Time)
1150th Day (2300 evening-mornings) away from when the Daily Sacrifice is taken away Place of Sanctuary "cast down" [Daniel Chapter 8] April 3, 2020 A.D.(+ or - a day; Jer. Time)
Last Day of Prophesying and witnessing by the Two Witnesses After their teaching the Two Witnesses are killed by the Beast 3 days before the Resurrection / New Age [Revelation Chapter 11] May 25-28, 2023 A.D. (+ or - day; Jer. Time)
Last Day of the Old Age / Daily Sacrifice Taken Away / "Final Falling Away" of the evil angels/ Beast reveals his evil intent (thinks he is God)/
Beginning of New Age
End of the daily sacrifices because of evil / beginning of New Age [PP2 & PP7] May 28, 2023 A.D. (+ or - day; Jer. Time)

Hebrews' Feast of Passover

Tribulation and Times Chart

< < < 6000 Years > > >

1000 yrs>

< < Tribulation of mankind due to sin for 6000 years > >

Throes of "childbirth" increase until the Last War and the Great Tribulation >

 Rest > >
<Time <Before <Christ

<3 Years>
First Half of
Seven Years

Christ's 3 years of teaching and confirming the covenant; sacrifice cut off at his death >>

Church of God's Age

Before Christ's
Second Coming
Spirit of Kingdom of God
Rules in Christians' Minds

Resurrection >


Rules on earth

<Time <Before <Christ

Seven Years Confirming the true covenant
And He [Messiah v. 26] shall confirm the covenant with many for one week [of years] (Dan 9:27)  Time of confirming covenant cut off in the middle of the seven years (Dan 9:26; Zech 11:10; Isa 22:25)

< Christ's < second < coming

Confirming of true covenant cut-off
during this period

Second half of the Seven years
confirming of covenant starts again

of God

  40 day period? 1260 days of Two Witnesses                  (killed by Beast)  > 3 days

of God

  <1290th day when the ten-nation Beast
< is set up

of God


30 days
of ten-nation Beast

1260 days seven-nation Beast
1260 days of the Beast-man
1260 days of the "Image"
< Deadly would;
< 3 horns or nations overturned goes to perdition >

of God

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[Published 2-27-98]

Church as Witnesses/1260 days
Church fed in the wilderness

Church as oppressed

of God

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[Published 2-27-98]

Check "Watch" Page for more information on the Beast System and Beast-man: watch.htm

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1. Conservatively the Church will only know for sure on the 1260th day

2. We will only know for sure the identity of the Two Witnesses on this day; each witness himself will not know for sure until this day.

Proof of the above is document in the Prophecy Papers