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Biblical Subjects

This is generic work. We don't necessarily agree with everything below, 
but it is a way to familiarize yourself with different subjects. 

Law (ten commandments)
Law of Moses

Prophecies, on Christ


Resurrection of Christ

Circumcision, Physical
Baptism with Holy Spirit
New Birth

Miracles of Christ
Miracles of Servants
Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Miracles, False
Christ is God
Christ, Head of Church
Christ, High Priest
Christ, Titles
Christ, Character of
Christ, the King
Christ, the Mediator
Christ, the Prophet
Christ, the Shepherd
Christ, Types of

God, Unity of God

Goodness of God

Trinity v. YHWH

Church, Spiritual
Christ, Union with
Christ, Head of Church
Church, Names and Titles

Church of Israel




Law of the Ten Commandments.

Law of Moses.

Christ is God.

Christ, the Head of the Church.

Christ, the High Priest.

Titles and Names of Christ.

Christ, Character Of.

Types of Christ.


Prophecies Respecting Christ.

As the Son of God  Psa 2:7.
Fulfilled.  Luke 1:32,35.
As the seed of the woman  Gen 3:15.
Fulfilled.  Gal 4:4.
As the seed of Abraham  Gen 17:7; 22:18.
Fulfilled.  Gal 3:16.
As the seed of Isaac  Gen 21:12.
Fulfilled.  Heb 11:17-19.
As the seed of David  Psa 132:11; Jer 23:5.
Fulfilled.  Acts 13:23; Rom 1:3.
His coming at a set time  Gen 49:10; Dan 9:24,25.
Fulfilled.  Luke 2:1.
His being born a virgin  Isa 7:14.
Fulfilled.  Mat 1:22,23; Luke 2:7.
His being called Immanuel  Isa 7:14.
Fulfilled.  Mat 1:22,23.
His being born in Bethlehem of Judea  Mic 5:2.
Fulfilled.  Mat 2:1; Luke 2:4-6.
Great persons coming to adore him  Psa 72:10.
Fulfilled.  Mat 2:1-11.
The slaying of the children of Bethlehem  Jer 31:15.
Fulfilled.  Mat 2:16-18.
His being called out of Egypt  Hos 11:1.
Fulfilled.  Mat 2:15.
His being preceded by John the Baptist  Isa 40:3; Mal 3:1.
Fulfilled.  Mat 3:1,3; Luke 1:17.
His being anointed with the Spirit  Psa 45:7; Isa 11:2; 61:1.
Fulfilled.  Mat 3:16; John 3:34; Acts 10:38.
His being a Prophet like to Moses  Deu 18:15-18.
Fulfilled.  Acts 3:20-22.
His being a Priest after the order of Melchizedek  Psa 110:4.
Fulfilled.  Heb 5:5,6.
His entering on his public ministry  Isa 61:1,2.
Fulfilled.  Luke 4:16-21,43.
His ministry commencing in Galilee  Isa 9:1,2.
Fulfilled.  Mat 4:12-16,23.
His entering publicly into Jerusalem  Zec 9:9.
Fulfilled.  Mat 21:1-5.
His coming into the temple  Hag 2:7,9; Mal 3:1.
Fulfilled.  Mat 21:12; Luke 2:27-32; John 2:13-16.
His poverty  Isa 53:2.
Fulfilled.  Mark 6:3; Luke 9:58.
His meekness and want of ostentatious  Isa 42:2.
Fulfilled.  Mat 12:15,16,19.
His tenderness and compassion  Isa 40:11; 42:3.
Fulfilled.  Mat 12:15,20; Heb 4:15.
His being without guile  Isa 53:9.
Fulfilled.  1 Pet 2:22.
His zeal  Psa 69:9.
Fulfilled.  John 2:17.
His preaching by parables  Psa 78:2.
Fulfilled.  Mat 13:34,35.
His working miracles  Isa 35:5,6.
Fulfilled.  Mat 11:4-6; John 11:47.
His bearing reproach  Psa 22:6; 69:7,9,20.
Fulfilled.  Rom 15:3.
His being rejected by his brethren  Psa 69:8; Isa 63:3.
Fulfilled.  John 1:11; 7:3.
His being a stone of stumbling to the Jews  Isa 8:14.
Fulfilled.  Rom 9:32; 1 Pet 2:8.
His being hated by the Jews  Psa 69:4; Isa 49:7.
Fulfilled.  John 15:24,25.
His being rejected by the Jewish rulers  Psa 118:22.
Fulfilled.  Mat 21:42; John 7:48.
That the Jews and Gentiles should combine against Him  Psa 2:1,2.
Fulfilled.  Luke 23:12; Acts 4:27.
His being betrayed by a friend  Psa 41:9; 55:12-14.
Fulfilled.  John 13:18,21.
His disciples forsaking him  Zec 13:7.
Fulfilled.  Mat 26:31,56.
His being sold for thirty pieces silver  Zec 11:12.
Fulfilled.  Mat 26:15.
His price being given for the potter's field  Zec 11:13.
Fulfilled.  Mat 27:7.
The intensity of his sufferings  Psa 22:14,15.
Fulfilled.  Luke 22:42,44.
His sufferings being for others  Isa 53:4-6,12; Dan 9:26.
Fulfilled.  Mat 20:28.
His patience and silence under suffering  Isa 53:7.
Fulfilled.  Mat 26:63; 27:12-14.
His being smitten on the cheek  Mic 5:1.
Fulfilled.  Mat 27:30.
His visage being marred  Isa 52:14; 53:3.
Fulfilled.  John 19:5.
His being spit on and scourged  Isa 50:6.
Fulfilled.  Mark 14:65; John 19:1.
His hands and feet being nailed to the cross  Psa 22:16.
Fulfilled.  John 19:18; 20:25.
His being forsaken by God  Psa 22:1.
Fulfilled.  Mat 27:46.
His being mocked  Psa 22:7,8.
Fulfilled.  Mat 27:39-44.
Gall and vinegar being given him to drink  Psa 69:21.
Fulfilled.  Mat 27:34.
His garments being parted, and lots cast for his vesture  Psa 22:18.
Fulfilled.  Mat 27:35.
His being numbered with the transgressors  Isa 53:12.
Fulfilled.  Mark 15:28.
His intercession for His murderers  Isa 53:12.
Fulfilled.  Luke 23:34.
His Death  Isa 53:12.
Fulfilled.  Mat 27:50.
That a bone of him should not be broken  Ex 12:46; Psa 34:20.
Fulfilled.  John 19:33,36.
His being pierced  Zec 12:10.
Fulfilled.  John 19:34,37.
His being buried with the rich  Isa 53:9.
Fulfilled.  Mat 27:57-60.
His flesh not seeing corruption  Psa 16:10.
Fulfilled.  Acts 2:31.
His resurrection  Psa 16:10; Isa 26:19.
Fulfilled.  Luke 24:6,31,34.
His ascension  Psa 68:18.
Fulfilled.  Luke 24:51; Acts 1:9.
His sitting on the right hand of God  Psa 110:1.
Fulfilled.  Heb 1:3.
His exercising the priestly office in heaven  Zec 6:13.
Fulfilled.  Rom 8:34.
His being the chief corner-stone of the Church  Isa 28:16.
Fulfilled.  1 Pet 2:6,7.
His being King in Zion  Psa 2:6.
Fulfilled.  Luke 1:32; John 18:33-37.
The conversion of the Gentiles to him  Isa 11:10; 42:1.
Fulfilled.  Mat 1:17,21; John 10:16; Acts 10:45,47.
His righteous government  Psa 45:6,7.
Fulfilled.  John 5:30; Rev 19:11.
His universal dominion  Psa 72:8; Dan 7:14.
Fulfilled.  Php 2:9,11.
The perpetuity of his kingdom  Isa 9:7; Dan 7:14.
Fulfilled.  Luke 1:32,33.

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