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TitlePaper No.Subject
From the
Beginning Papers
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PDF file of Beginning PapersBPwith index, a printable version
IntroductionBP1Introduction: old age, new age
Mindset PaperBP2How mindsets interfere with our perception and understanding of life, God, science, and religion
Bible PaperBP3How reliable is the Bible?
Duality Paper BP4How to read the Bible-- its higher meaning. This paper is a must in order to understand the Bible.
Premises For Belief BP5Some premises of our belief
TitlePaper No.Subject
From the
New Mind Papers:
Christian Doctrines

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Introduction Intro Preface and Introduction (read first)
New Mind and ChristianityNM1Christianity and the New Mind
On the Church of GodNM2Info on the Church
RepentanceNM3What about repentance?
BaptismNM4How do you get baptized?
Begotten, Born -- the DifferenceNM5Born of God?
Body, Soul, Spirit, and ImmortalityNM6What is the body, Soul & Spirit? Are our souls immortal? Does God have a soul?
Age PaperNM7Death forever?
Predestinated: Called and ChosenNM8What about predestination?
Free Will Versus PredestinationNM9Free will v. predestination
Proof PaperNM10Prove to yourself if you are a Christian. Are you any better than others?
"Reward" for ChristiansNM11What do today's Christians get that others don't?
According to WorksNM12Awarded "according to works"?
All SavedNM13How many will be saved?
Does All Mean All?NM14Does all mean all in the Bible?
Thousand Years and BeyondNM15The millennium: all about it
God's Appointed TimesNM16The holy days of God
Freedom and LawNM17 All about law and System of Love.
Other Papers on ChristianityNM18parables; 8th chap of Romans; Christian's warfare; wisdom; reproof; miracles; justification; joy; prayer; book of life; etc.
Reason WhyNM19Why life; why this age
Other MindNM20Other Mind, what is it?
Old Mind -- It's BeginningNM21What is evil; where does it come from?
Spirit of Man Given by God


Did God give mankind the spirit of man? Another paradox of God.
JudgingNM23Can we judge? On judging our Brothers. On judging in general.
Last JudgmentNM24On the Last Judgment, Resurrection of the living and dead. Lake of Fire, Hell, Second Death, etc.
Kingdom of GodNM25On the Kingdom of God, on Heaven.
Plan of CreationNM26The plan as we know it today
TitlePaper No.Subject
From the
God Papers 

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Introduction to the God PapersGP1Paradoxes; attributes of God; Name of God; One God; Immutability of God; Only God; etc. [PDF file]
Paradoxes pertaining to GodGP1d
More information on the paradoxes pertaining to God
Extra: Trinity v. BeComingOneGP10bComparative tables. Is there a trinity? Are there two Gods (Father and Son)? Or is the nature of God something else?
God the FatherGP2Who is Christ's Father
Word of GodGP3Who is the Word of God? Angels? Angel of the Lord?
Jesus Christ the ManGP4Christ before the resurrection. Was he God or man or God/man
God Papers, Parts 1 to 6 (PDF file)GP1-6Join and get a printable version.
Adobe Document.
Note: You must read the above sections before you read the following; You must start at GP1 before you can go on to the next sections.
Jesus Christ the GodGP5
Christ after the resurrection. How Jesus went into God; How He is God; How He is the Right Hand of God.
All into Christ--the YHWH GP6
How powerful is God? How many saved? How many will go back into God through Christ?
Reason WhyGP7Why evil? More important details given than included with the version in the New Mind Papers. [Not posted] If you join you can get this section.
Right Hand of GodGP8Meaning of the right and left hand of God.   [Not Posted] If you join you can get this section.
Christ's Symbolic ThroneGP9What is the meaning of the throne? [Not posted] If you join you can get this section.
Other Papers on GodGP10Nature of God -- Love; God's Omnipresence; God's Omnipotence; God's Omniscience. [Not Posted] If you join you can get this section.
TitlePaper No.Subject
From the
Prophecy Papers

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[Please read in sequential order for easier understanding]
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PDF version of all the Prophecy PapersPRNon-printable version. If you join you can get this file in a printable version.
Seed PaperPR1Who is Israel, where is she today? Who is the Seed?
Beast-System PaperPR2Beast of Revelation and Daniel
Beast-Man PaperPR3 The antichrist; the beast-man
God's WrathPR4 What is God's wrath?
Last War and God's WrathPR5 Details on the Last War and the Wrath; Book of Revelation Manifested
God's Wrath, An Outline PR6 Outline review of biblical text on God's Wrath, the Last War, the 1260 days, etc.
End of the AgePR7End of the world [age]?
Two WitnessesPR8Who are the two witnesses?
Seven Churches of RevelationPR9 All about the seven churches of Revelation.
Great Falling AwayPR10 Falling away before the new age: (1) Those who say they are in Christ; (2) those spiritual evil angels. (Reposted to Net)
God's Name v. Beast's NamePR11 Anti-Christ comes in his father's name. Beast as superhuman? Deadly wound? Anti-Christ is the last 3 1/2 years.
Number of the Beast666
Who Is the Beast-man?
Beast of Revelation and DanielTable
Parallel scriptures on the Beast
Check List to Identify the BeastListCharacteristics and events that help identify the Beast-man
Beast ChartImage
 Chart on the Beast System
Character of BeastChar
What are the characteristics of the Beast-man?
God's Name v. Beast's NameNameWorld rejects Christ Name / Accepts Beast and his name
More Info on the BeastWatch
Charts, examples, etc.
Book of RevelationRev
With links to other papers
Watch PageWatchWatch until he comes: news & prophecy
Predictions of the End Time End Time Chart of the Bible's predictions of the end of the age
TitlePaper No.Subject
Chronology of the World
aka: Chronology

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[Detailed, scholarly work connected to the Bible,  328 pages]
Links for CP are being updated come back soon to download other parts of this book
Biblical ChronologyCP1What the Biblical chronology is based on [PDF file]
Secular ChronologyCP2
[was CP3]
All about the difficulty of chronology: Kings' lists; Eclipses; Ptolemy's Canon; Christian Era; etc.
More DetailsCP3
[was CP2]
Hebrew calendar; etc.; how to count years; absolute dates; VAT 4956; astronomical chaos [PDF file]
Chronology and ChristCP4
The chronology concerning Christ  [PDF file]
Chronology TextCP5
Table of the Biblical Chronology [PDF file] not printable.
Chronology Papers Parts 1 to 4 CP1-4PDF file (2.4mb) with index; document does not print. .
TitlePaper No.Subject
BeComingOne Bible[Back] For the whole Bible on disk or paper, order from books or iTunes
BeComingOne BibleBCB

Read the book of Genesis here
(This is a different format than what appears in the forsale books)

Harmony of the Gospels   [buy the book here]
Book of RevelationRev
See example of the BeComingOne Bible (BCB). This example has links to other papers.
Biblical SubjectsGP10dBiblical subject and links to verses


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