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"I am the BeComingOne [YHWH]; that is my name! . . . See the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you." (Isa 42:8-9)

PR5: Last War and God's Wrath

Simultaneous Events
Day of the Lord
Great City
Seventy Years
Two Witnesses
Pattern of Last War
Greater Detail

Faulty Translations

pr258» In PR5 we examine the book of Revelation. This book of the Bible is highly symbolic. It is a very difficult book to understand because of its symbolism. But the Bible does interpret its own symbols. In order to ascertain the meaning of the symbols of Revelation one must be knowledgeable of the rest of the Bible, for the symbolism can be found scattered throughout the Bible. For example, information on the Beast of Revelation can be found in the book of Daniel (see Beast Papers [PR2, PR3]). In order to understand the book of Revelation, one must understand the rest of the Bible. One must know something about type and antitype. One must know about looking for the higher meaning in scripture. The truest meaning in the book of Revelation is its antitypical or Spiritual meaning. The same can be said of the rest of the Bible, but it is especially important in understanding the book of Revelation.

Aorist Verbs & Other Timeless Verbs

pr259» One must also know that the book of Revelation is full of the aorist verbs. The aorist verb is a verb of action, not time. An aorist verb by itself tells us nothing about the time of the action. It speaks of action without denoting the duration of the action or time of the action:

  • "The aorist stem presents action in its simplest form (a-oristos 'undefined'). This action is simply presented as a point by the tense. This action is timeless ... The aorist is a sort of flashlight picture, the imperfect a time exposure" ( pp. 824, 1380 in, A Grammar Of The Greek New Testament, by A.T. Robertson; see also such books as, Do It Yourself Hebrew and Greek, by E.W. Goodrick, pp. 4.4-4.5).

pr260» In fact, in Greek, the aorist, present, and perfect is timeless:

  • "These ideas (punctiliar, durative, perfected state) lie behind the three tenses (aorist, present, perfect) that run through all the moods ... The present is also timeless in itself as in the perfect ... These three tenses (aorist, present, perfect) were first developed irrespective of time. Dionysius Thrax erred in explaining the Greek tenses from the notion of time, and he has been followed by a host of imitators. The study of Homer ought to have prevented this error" ( p. 824, A.T. Robertson).
  • "The terms aorist, imperfect, and perfect (past, present, future) are properly named from the point of view of the state of the action, but present and future are named from the standpoint of the time element. There is no time element in the present subjunctive, for instance. But the names cannot now be changed, though very unsatisfactory" ( pp. 825-826, A.T. Robertson).

Because of errors some Greek verbs were misnamed; many today read the idea of time into Greek verbs, when they should read the state of the action.

Simultaneous Events

pr261» We will in this paper make it plain that many events in the Book of Revelation (the seals, trumpets, and vials, etc.) do not depict sequential events. In a way the Book of Revelation was written in the same manner as the movie Mystery Train (1989, Directed by Jim Jarmusch).

pr262» The movie Mystery Train portrays three separate stories of people in a hotel in Memphis Tennessee during one night through three sequential movie scenes, but it does not tell its viewers that these three separate adventures happened on the same night. At first the viewers think they are separate adventures on separate nights.

pr263» The first story was about a Japanese couple's trip to Memphis to visit Graceland, the home of Elvis. The movie shows the Japanese couple coming to Memphis on a train and their escapades before renting a hotel room (27) and after leaving the hotel room. The second story was actually of two separate women, one from Rome, who was stranded in Memphis, and the other a woman who had just broken up with her boy friend. Both women by chance end up in room 25 in the same hotel as the Japanese couple, but the movie does not indicate that they were spending the same night in the hotel as the Japanese couple. The third story was about three men, one of whom happens to be the boy friend of one of the two women in room 25. They eventually hid that same night in room 22 after one of them shot a man at a local liquor store. It isn't until the movie gets into the third story that you begin to see that all three groups are in the same hotel on the same night.

pr264» You begin to see that each group was in the hotel on the same night by subtle hints in the movie:

  • the repetition of the same song by Elvis (Blue Moon);
  • the reiteration of events and conversation between the manager and the bellhop
  • the same train passing by in each story
  • the Japanese couple being overheard by the two women
  • and then the gun shot from room 22 that all the separate groups re-act to in different ways, all without any interaction between the three groups of people renting different rooms in the same hotel the same night.

pr265» The three stories were told sequentially, but they occurred in parallel time periods. This is what is happening in the Book of Revelation. Again and again with subtle hints Biblical evidence projects to us that the seals, trumpets, and vials happen all at once. This was one reason John used the aorist verb in describing events in the book of Revelation. The use of the aorist verb and other timeless verbs (verbs of action not time) helped John to describe many simultaneous events. Under the subtitle 'But Simultaneous Action is Common also,' A.T. Robertson in his Grammar states: "Indeed this simultaneous action is in exact harmony with the punctiliar meaning of the aorist tense." And he states, 'in many examples only exegesis [interpretation] can determine whether antecedent or coincident action is intended ....' Many events in the book of Revelation were written sequentially, but they actually transpired in parallel time periods. The Greek text of the Book of Revelation superficially appears sequential only as the movie Mystery Train superficially appears sequential. An understanding of the Greek aorist verbs (and other timeless verbs) and the discernment of the reiteration of simultaneous events in the Book of Revelations makes it plain that the Book of Revelation describes many simultaneous events not just sequential events. In the rest of this paper we will make this plain.

Day of the Lord

pr266» Furthermore, the whole vision of John was concerning the "day of the Lord." The "day of the Lord" has two senses: the regular seventh day -- the weekly Sabbath; or the antitypical seventh day -- the 1000 years. John was in Spirit "in the Lord's day," and was told to "write the things which you [John] saw and the things which are and the things which shall be after these things" ( Rev 1:10,19). In John's vision he saw things that occurred in the 1000 years -- the antitypical Sabbath (Rev 20:2-3). He also saw things that happened before the 1000 years (Rev chap. 2 & 3). And he saw things that happened after the 1000 years (Rev 5:13, 20:7, 21:1,4,6 & note Pss 148, 150 & "All Saved" paper [NM 13]; etc).

pr267» In order to understand the book of Revelation we need to synthesize most of the Bible. Why? "Son of man, what is that proverb that you have in the land of Israel, saying, The days are prolonged, and every vision fails? Tell them therefore, Thus, says the Lord GOD; I will make this proverb to cease, and they shall no more use it as a proverb in Israel; but say unto them, The days are at hand, and the effect of every vision" ( Ezek 12:22-23). All the visions of the Bible will be fulfilled in the last years of the old system of man. Visions in the past that appeared to fail will come true soon.

pr268» The vision of the Beast in Revelation and Daniel are for the end time (Dan 12:4,9). But we know the time is truly near when we truly hear and understand all the book of Revelation (Rev 1:3, 22:10).

Here Some, There Some

pr269» Another principle a person needs to understand is related in Isa 28:9-10: "Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little." The truth of Revelation is scattered throughout the Bible. We must put all these scriptures together. This is much like the truth of Jesus Christ's first coming. Scripture on this event is scattered throughout the Bible. When all the prophetic scriptures on Jesus Christ are put together we see just how much of the Bible pointed to Jesus Christ (see, Messianic Prophecies of the Bible, by Lockyer; etc.). Yet the Jews in Jesus Christ's time could not see these prophecies as pointing to Jesus Christ. We must not be like those Jews. We must be the Jews with the New Mind that see all the scriptures that point to the Last War and the return of Christ.

Higher Meaning

pr270» Furthermore one must understand that the Bible is dual -- there is a shadow/physical/type of the real/Spiritual/antitype. This is manifested by comparing the following verses (Rom 1:20; Heb 8:5,9,23-24, 10:1; and all of Heb 8:1-10:21). And this is proven by the repeated consistency of duality throughout the Bible (see "Duality Paper" [BP4]). God through the Bible asks us to look for and seek after the higher or spiritual or real or antitypical meaning in the Bible. Compare the usage of "heaven," "earth," and "spiritual" in Isa 55:9 with 1Cor 15:44-49; Phil 3:18-19 with Col 3:1-2. Thus, "heaven" = spiritual, and we should look to the above/heavenly or spiritual meaning of scripture (see "Duality Paper" [BP4]).

pr271» What is an example of taking the higher meaning? Notice in the book of Heb 12:22-23 where it calls the Spiritual Church: "mount Zion," or the "city of the living God," or the "heavenly Jerusalem." In other words, these terms are metonymical for the Church. Most of the time when we read Zion, Jerusalem, or city of God we know it means literally a city, as well as Spiritually, the Spiritual city or Church. This is duality: type (the physical city) and antitype (the Spiritual city or Church). Also the Church is called the holy temple (Eph 2:21), thus, anytime the Bible uses the word "temple" (meaning holy temple) we know it can mean the physical and/or Spiritual temple. The Spiritual temple is the Spiritual Church of God. But God wants us to look to the heavenly, or Spiritual, or antitypical meaning (John 4:24, 6:63; Col 3:1-2). When Rev 11:1 says to measure the temple of God, we then know it means antitypically to go measure the Church or count its members.

pr272» Now God's wrath and the day of the Lord are mentioned throughout the Bible. We need to tie-in the events of the Old Testament with the things in the book of Revelation because of the principle in Ezek 12:22-23, and because we would be taking Revelation out of context from the whole Bible if we did not use the rest of the books to amplify the book of Revelation.

Great City

pr273» In Rev 11:8, speaking of a few days before Christ's return, it says the two witnesses "shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually [or antitypically] is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified." Now we know the Lord was not crucified in the physical Sodom or Egypt; it was near physical Jerusalem. Yet Christ was killed in the antitypical Egypt, or Sodom, or great city which is Satan's spiritual kingdom. Therefore the physical Jerusalem was in the spiritual kingdom of Satan, for all the kingdoms and lands of the world are now, in this old age, Satan's kingdoms (Mat 4:8-9).

pr274» Notice that the spiritual or antitypical Sodom and Egypt are both called "the great city" ( Rev 11:8). The spiritual Sodom, Egypt, and the great city are each just different names for each other. They are metonymical terms. Each term speaks of the same thing. What is the great city?

pr275» "And the woman which you saw is that great city, which reigns over the kings of the earth" ( Rev 17:18). The antitypical woman who sits on the Beast is the great city (Rev 17:1,9,18). Who is the Beast? The Beast is Satan's kingdom (see the "Beast-Man Paper" [PR3]. Thus, the woman is metonymical to the spiritual great city, which is the antitypical Sodom and Egypt. Yet we know women are symbolical to churches (Eph 5:22-25). Thus, the woman on the Beast symbolizes the church essence of the church/kingdom of Satan, and she is metonymical to the spiritual great city, Sodom, and Egypt.

pr276» Notice also in Rev 14:8, "Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all the nations ..." Babylon is also the "great city."

pr277» Therefore according to the book of Revelation, the spiritual great city, Babylon, Sodom, Egypt, and the antitypical woman on the Beast are metonymical for each other.

pr278» Notice after it says the woman is the great city, that it describes the great city as Babylon (Rev 17:18-18:24). In describing Babylon in chapter 18 it says, "and saying, Alas, alas, that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls!" (Rev 18:16) Compare this with the description of the woman in Rev 17:4, "and the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls." The city and the woman are clothed alike. This is another proof that the antitypical woman and Babylon are one and the same -- each term merely adds more detail to the other term.

pr279» Just as the Bible uses many terms to describe Satan (the devil, dragon, serpent, etc.), it has used many terms to describe the same system of Satan. These terms are metonymical names for Satan's "Beast" system.

Metonymical Names For The Antitypical Beast, Or The Kingdom of Satan


  • Woman or Whore (the great city) [Rev chap 17; 17:18]
  • All Kingdoms Are Satan's -- The Beast

pr281» If you have read the papers on the "Beast" you know that the Babylonian kingdom was the first Beast of Daniel, chapter 7, which is pictured as part of the "Beast" of Revelation, chapter 13. Further, we know that the Beast of Revelation will encompass at once all the characteristics of all the "Beasts" of Daniel because the book of Revelation's Beast encompasses the same characteristics as Daniel's four Beasts (Dan 7:4-6; Rev 13:2, "lion," "bear," and "leopard"). Thus, since Babylon was the first Beast of Daniel, then we know the antitypical Babylon will belong to the antitypical Beast of Revelation, for the Beast of Revelation will encompass all the Beasts of Daniel at once. The Beast of Revelation in its truest meaning encompasses all of Satan's kingdoms. Therefore the Beast is the spiritual or antitypical great city, Sodom, Egypt, Babylon, and the Woman. All these terms describe the same church/kingdom of Satan. Each term adds another detail to the overall description of the final Beast kingdom. The woman in Rev 17 merely tells us that the system of Satan also includes a church. Revelation calls this church, the synagogue of Satan (Rev 2:9, 3:9).

pr282» Church of Satan. A church is an assembly of people who worship the same god: the church of Satan worship their god Satan even though they think they are worshiping the true God. To be in the church of Satan you need not ever go to church; an atheist with the spirit of Satan is in the church of Satan and worships Satan.

pr283» A Principle of Interpretation. Now since the Bible is dual, then what the Bible says concerning the day of the Lord or God's wrath towards the physical or typical Egypt, Sodom, and Babylon, can be used to synthesize the story about the Last War. We know now that when the Bible describes the "wrath" on the physical Egypt and Babylon, in the antitypical meaning, it is speaking about the "wrath" on the Beast of Revelation, for the antitypical Egypt and Babylon belong to the Beast of Revelation.

Seventy Years And Seventy Weeks

pr284» Let us further synthesize the Old Testament with the New Testament through the "seventy weeks" and "seventy years." In Jer 25:9-14 it speaks about the land of Israel and the nations around it serving Babylon during a seventy year period, but "when seventy years are accomplished, I will punish the king of Babylon, and that nation." All that Jeremiah has prophesied against Babylon will happen after the seventy years.

Wine Cup

pr285» But the next verse speaks about the wine cup that all nations are to drink. And in Jer 51:7-8 it speaks about this same wine cup, calling it a golden cup. Also in Rev 14:8-10, 18:3 it speaks of the same cup poured out on Babylon. By reading Jer 25:27-33 and comparing this with Revelation, one knows that this great slaughter of nations didn't happen to the full extent shown in Jer 25:15-33. Only a typical event happened. The true slaughter of nations in this chapter of Jeremiah will happen in the Last War. There is an antitypical seventy years, and after those seventy antitypical years then the cup of wrath will be poured out to the full extent mentioned in Jeremiah, chapters 25, 51.


pr286» "To fulfill the word of the lord by the mouth of Jeremiah, until the land had enjoyed her sabbaths: for as long as she lay desolate she kept the sabbath, to fulfill threescore and ten years. Now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, that the word of the Lord spoken by the mouth of Jeremiah might be accomplished, the Lord stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia, that he made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom, and put it also in writing, saying, Thus says Cyrus king of Persia, All the kingdoms of the earth has the Lord God of heaven given me; and he has charged me to build him a house in Jerusalem, which is in Judah. Who is there among you of all his people? The Lord his God be with him, and let him go up" ( 2Chr 36:21-23; see Ezra 1:1-3).

pr287» Thus, after the seventy typical years Cyrus came to build a house for the Lord God of Israel in Jerusalem (Ezra 1:3). Now the Bible is dual and God tells us to look to the higher meanings. Is there an antitypical meaning to this verse? Notice that the Hebrew word translated "Cyrus" means sun and that this is the symbol of the returning Christ (Mal 4:2; see God Papers on sun and moon symbolism). Further the antitypical house of God which Cyrus was to build is the Church (Eph 2:19). And who is building this house? -- Christ (Heb 3:3-6). Is Cyrus a typical Christ? Does this mean that after the antitypical seventy years that the antitypical Cyrus (Christ) will return and claim "all the kingdoms of the earth" for himself? (2Chr 36:23) Then will the antitypical Cyrus (Christ) be King of kings? (Rev 19:16) Is this a dual story? We answer yes, for all the Bible is dual. And there is an antitypical Cyrus and he will destroy the antitypical Babylon as did the typical Cyrus destroy the typical Babylon. But Christ, the antitypical Cyrus, will destroy the antitypical Babylon righteously as explained in the God's Wrath, PR4.

pr288» Notice: "that says of Cyrus, He is my shepherd, and shall perform all my pleasure: even saying to Jerusalem, You shall be built; and to the temple, Your foundation shall be laid" ( Isa 44:28).

pr289» What is the antitypical Jerusalem and the antitypical temple? They are the Church (Eph 2:21; Heb 12:22; see "New Jerusalem" in [NM 18]). What are the foundations that are to be laid?


  • The righteous are an agelasting foundation (Prov 10:25)

The wife (the Church, Rev 19:7) of Christ will be laid with stones of fair colors, and her foundations with sapphires (Isa 54:11).

pr291» Cyrus is a shepherd. Who is the chief shepherd? Christ is the chief shepherd (1Pet 5:4). What does the Hebrew word translated Cyrus mean? It means the sun. Who is the antitypical sun? Or what is the sun symbolic of? It is symbolic of Christ (Mal 4:2). Then in the higher or antitypical meaning of Isa 44:28 it says Christ will come to do what Cyrus did typically after the seventy years of Israel's captivity? Isn't Cyrus a typical Christ?

pr292» "Thus says the Lord to his anointed, to Cyrus" ( Isa 45:1). Who is the Lord's true anointed? It is Christ, the Messiah, who is the anointed. Compare Pss 2:2-7 with Heb 1:5,9 to prove Christ is the Anointed of the Lord. Thus, Cyrus is a typical Christ. And after the seventy antitypical years, Christ will return with God's "wrath" as explained previously in PR4.

pr293» What we are doing remember is tying-in the Old Testament's Babylon, Egypt, and Cyrus with what is about to come on this old age. We are tying-in the Old Testament with the book of Revelation in order to have a detailed description of the Last War as well as to explain the book of Revelation. Now we need to know what the antitypical seventy years are.

Antitypical Seventy Years

pr294» "In the first year of his reign [Darius], I Daniel considered by books the number of the years, whereof the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolation of Jerusalem" ( Dan 9:2).

pr295» Daniel is speaking about the same seventy years we have been writing about. Then Daniel begins to pray for his people asking forgiveness (v. 3-19). And while he was praying Gabriel came to him (v. 20-21). And Gabriel said he came to give Daniel skill in understanding.

pr296» Now Daniel was seeking through prayer two things: (1) for mercy on Israel (v. 13,18); and (2) for understanding of the truth (v. 13). He had considered the seventy years mentioned in Jeremiah. Now what was there to consider if these seventy years were a literal seventy years of desolation? It is true that some came back to Jerusalem after this seventy years (Ezra). But did the following happen to the full extent: "that after seventy years be accomplished at Babylon I will visit you, and perform my good word toward you, in causing you to return to this place" ( Jer 29:10-14). Sure it is true in one sense. But many Jews didn't return and God hasn't visited his people in the truest sense of Jer 29:10-14. When will the Lord visit his people? He will visit at the day of the Lord when the enemies have destroyed themselves and He begins to gather all the peoples of Israel back to their land (Isa 13:6-14:3; Joel 2:31-32; Obad 1:15).

pr297» Daniel was considering and perceiving the seventy years of Jeremiah. Then Daniel began to seek through prayer (v. 3) the true understanding of these seventy years (v. 13). While he was praying Gabriel came to give him understanding (v. 21-22).

pr298» Gabriel: "at the beginning of your supplication [v. 3] the commandment came forth, and I am come to show you [the truth of the seventy years as explained just previously]; for you art greatly beloved: therefore understand the matter, and consider the vision. Seventy sevens [KJV, "weeks"] are determined upon your people and upon your holy city [Jerusalem], to finish the transgression..." ( v. 23-24). Let's stop here.

pr299» In many translations it uses the word "weeks" for a Hebrew word [#7620 -- shabuwa] that means, sevens. It is like the word, heptad, which means a group of seven. In Hebrew, the seventy sevens could mean seventy sevens of days (70 weeks) or seventy sevens of years.

pr300» Why was Jerusalem desolate: "Yea all Israel have transgressed your law, even departing, that they might not obey your voice; therefore the curse is poured upon us" ( Dan 9:11). The seventy years of desolation was caused by transgression and Daniel was praying for mercy (v. 13,18), and understanding as to the truth. Gabriel came to give understanding, and said seventy sevens are determined for the people of Israel to finish their transgression. Thus, if the seventy years of desolation was caused by transgression, then the desolation in the truest sense will not end until the seventy sevens are completed.

pr301» 483 Years or 69 weeks. Now Gabriel goes on to say an anointed one would come after sixty-nine sevens (KJV, "weeks") from the "commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem" ( v. 25). This is dual. The scripture in Dan 9:24-27 is ambiguous. It can be understood in two ways: (1) anti-Messianic; and (2) Messianic. That is, the anointed prince can be either the Messiah Prince or the coming false anointed prince. By reading, The Millennium Bible, by William E. Biederwolf, (pages 219-225, Baker, 1972; also known as you can see some of the two different interpretations given these scriptures down through history. The Messianic interpretation has the Messiah coming after 69 weeks of years: 483 years "from the going forth of the commandment." By various interpretations this commandment was: (1) Cyrus' (Ezra 6:14; Isa 44:28); (2) Darius' degree in the second year of his reign (Ezra 6:12) (3) The degree of Artaxerxes in his seventh year (Ezra 7:1,7,11 ff); (4) or the degree of Artaxerxes in his twentieth year (Neh 2:1,7). According to the Messianic interpretation, since after sixty-nine sevens of days Christ did not come, then Dan 9:25 means sixty-nine sevens of years. The sixty-nine sevens of years equals 69 times 7 years, or 483 years. After 483 years the Messiah appeared as the prophecy in Daniel indicated. This is when Christ was baptized. See our Chronology Papers.

pr302» 7 Years Cut in Half. And the Messiah was to "confirm the covenant with many for one seven: and in the midst of the seven [seven days or seven years] he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation [offering] to cease" ( v. 27). Furthermore in the middle of the seven (7 years) of "confirming the covenant" he was cut off (Isa 22:25; Dan 9:26-27; Zech 11:10).

(The "he" in verses 26,27 refers to the Messiah; the "covenant" being the new covenant. Jer 31:31-33; Mal 3:1; Mat 26:28; Heb 9:26, 10:7-9; see Chronology Papers. In the second sense 'he' refers to the Antichrist. See "69 Weeks" in the "Beast-Man Paper" [ PR3])

pr303» Christ's first ministry of confirming the covenant lasted 3 ½ years. Thus, 69 ½ sevens of years of the 70 have been fulfilled. A week of years is seven years. Therefore one-half of seven years is 3 ½ years. At Christ's death this prophecy was cut off since 3 ½ years after Christ died the transgression of Israel didn't cease as Dan 9:24 indicated. There are still 3 ½ years left in Daniel's prophecy.

pr304» Notice that "the end [of the prophecy] thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war [the Last War] desolation are determined" ( v. 26). Further, note that Christ the Messiah would confirm the covenant for one seven, or one seven year period (Dan 9:27). But so far he has taught only for 3 ½ years. Where are the other 3 ½ years? If we find it, we will know when the transgression of Israel will cease and when the Last War will take place. We will also know when the end of the antitypical seventy years of Jeremiah will end since in explaining the seventy years Gabriel used seventy sevens. (The 70 antitypical years are the 70 sevens, or 70 sevens of years.) Also if we can locate these 3 ½ years we will know how Christ will confirm the covenant during these 3 ½ years.

Two Witnesses In Their 1260 Days

pr305» Now who will confirm the covenant of Christ these last 3 ½ years? We know it isn't Christ himself, for he won't return to earth until after the 3 ½ years (see Beast Papers [PR4, PR5, PR6] ). There will be an agent or agents for Christ these 3 ½ years. Who?

pr306» "And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days [3 ½ years], clothed in sackcloth. These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth" ( Rev 11:3-4).

pr307» It will be the two witnesses who will preach 1260 days (3 ½ years) "before the God of the earth." Or as Zech 4:14 says, "these are the two anointed ones, that stand by the Lord of the whole earth." These two persons who come in the spirit of Moses and Elijah will teach as agents for Christ (see the "Two Witnesses" paper [PR8]).

pr308» It is during these 3 ½ years of teaching by the two witnesses that the Church will be in the wilderness (Rev 12:6,14), will be in trial (Dan 11:33-35, 12:10; Rev 3:14-19) for the 3 ½ years (Dan 12:7). Hence, the Church will be in the spiritual wilderness for 3 ½ years during the Beast's misrule (Dan 7:25, 12:7; Rev 12:6,14, 13:5). And during this 3 ½ years of misrule by the Beast the Church will be tried: some during the 3 ½ years will be physically tried, but all will be physically tried at the end of the 3 ½ years, and all will be spiritually tried throughout the 3 ½ years (as well as throughout their life) by the spirit of Satan, that other mind (see "Old Mind" paper [NM 21]).

pr309» What is the antitypical Jerusalem? It is the Church (Heb 12:22). What is the antitypical Babylon which makes Jerusalem desolate? The antitypical Babylon is the Beast. Thus, the antitypical Jerusalem or the holy city (the Church) will be as good as desolate during these 3 ½ years under the antitypical Beast (Rev 11:2). They will physically be under the Beast (Satan's kingdom) and spiritually tried by it (see "Old Mind Paper" [NM 21]). And at the end of the 3 ½ years they will be physically desolated (see below, see PR6).

pr310» Hence, by putting this together, the last part of the seventy sevens of years will be the 3 ½ years when the Beast of Revelation, the antitypical Babylon, will rule the earth. (The spirit of the Beast rules all the earth; the seven nation Beast rules great in the earth and great in the Middle East.) And it is after these 3 ½ years, that Cyrus (Christ) will return and become King of kings.

To Review

pr311» So far then, we have tied-in the seventy years of Jeremiah and the seventy weeks of Daniel to the story of Revelation. Also we have shown that Cyrus was a typical Christ. We've shown you that the two witnesses are agents of Christ to confirm the covenant in Christ's place the last 3 ½ years. We have shown you that physical Egypt and Babylon were types of the Beast of Revelation, which is the kingdom of Satan. We have shown you that the antitypical woman of Rev 17 is a dimension of the Beast, both church and kingdom at once. We are thus showing you the Spiritual meaning of the Bible.

Old Wars as Pattern of the Last War

pr312» All the battles of the Old Testament happened as examples, but during the last 3 ½ years they will happen again in the antitype, or truest sense. Much of the Bible is for the next few years, that is, the years just before and during the 3 ½ years or 1260 days (Ezek 12:22-23; 1Cor 10:11; Heb 10:1).

pr313» Thus, after this 3 ½ year period, which fulfills the antitypical seventy years of Jeremiah or the seventy sevens or weeks of Daniel, then Christ (Cyrus) will come to build the temple (Church/ kingdom) of God (2Chr 36:23; Isa 44:28), and to subdue the nations (Isa 45:1; Rev 17:14). He will come at the Last War (Dan 9:26) to save mankind from destroying themselves (Mat 24:22; John 3:17). He will not come to destroy nations, but to save them from their own transgression as shown previously in PR4. Transgression will be at its full as Daniel explained (Dan 8:23). The ultimate end of transgression is death (Deut 30:15). Thus, when the world has reached its height of transgression God will come to save.

pr314» But Christ comes only when the world is in the process of destroying itself. One-third of the world's population at that point will have died in the war (Rev 9:18), and one-fourth of the earth will have been destroyed by the Last War (Rev 6:8).

All Nations Destroyed

pr315» Now Jer 25:12-13 said all the nations written about in his book would receive all that God pronounced against them in Jeremiah's book by the completion of the seventy years. As explained, the end of the antitypical 70 years is after the 3 ½ years just before Christ's rule. The nations included in the destruction includes the antitypical Babylon, Egypt, the Medes, all the kings or rulers of the North, and so forth (Jer 25:12-26). All these nations will drink of the wine cup of fury (Jer 25:15-17); there will be a great slaughter throughout the land (Jer 25:26,32-33).

pr316» In Ezekiel it speaks about a group of nations from the north who will come down and gather for God's wrath (see Ezek 38:15,18-20). These are the peoples of Gog, Meshech, and Tubal. Along with these will come Persia, Cush, Phut, Gomer, and Togarmah (Ezek 38:2-6; see Dan 11:44 & Rev 16:12). They all will be destroyed at Christ's coming according to the higher meaning of Jer 25:12-38 and according to Ezek 38:18-22, 39:2,11. These nations are also the same nations as shown in Rev 9:11-18, 16:12-16, 19:19, 20:8-10, and which Dan 11:44 speaks about.

Pattern of the Last War Throughout Bible

pr317» Yet not only are all the nations spoken about in Jeremiah to be destroyed, but all nations mentioned in all the prophecies. The nations' destruction is mentioned in most of the Bible, and these prophecies speak about all nations being destroyed because of God's "wrath." Thus, we can use most of the Bible to describe the details of the Last War (see Ezek 12:22-23).

Day of Trouble

pr318» For example, much of the book of Psalms speaks about the day of the Lord. In the book of Psalms time and time again it speaks of a "day of trouble" with the Lord coming and saving God's people. All these scriptures can add to the details of the Last War.

Wicked and Evil Ones

pr319» Then in the book of Job it speaks about the wicked ones and their fate. All these scriptures can also be used to describe the Last War. In fact anywhere in the Bible where it speaks about evil or the wicked's fate can be used, for many of the Biblical prophecies are all at once completed on the day of the Lord (Ezek 12:22-23). The day of the Lord is the climax of evil, the fullness of transgression, and also its end. It is also the beginning of God's rulership

All Evil and War Destroyed

pr320» The following verses in their higher meaning or antitypical meaning prove there will be no more evil from the time God takes over:

  • affliction not to rise a second time [Nahum 1:9]

pr321» Thus after this climatic Last War there will be no more confusion, no more war, no more evil. As Pss 37:38 and Jer 51:48-49 show the transgressors will be destroyed together.

How Long Will The War Last?

pr322» But how long will this Last War last. Some have said that God's "wrath" will be poured out over a period of time. As we've shown you in PR4, God's wrath is the wrath of Satan, his age, and his people. Some say the Last War may take a year or more.

pr323» But this can't be, for when antitypical Babylon (the Beast) is destroyed so too will the other nations be destroyed (Jer 25:12-26, 51:48-49). The Beast will be destroyed after 3 ½ years of misrule (Rev 13:5, 19:20). It is during these 3 ½ years that the Church will be in the wilderness (Rev 12:6,14). The Church of this old age is not the utopia or the New Age: the Church consists of those belonging to the New Age because they have the Spirit of the New Age. Since no one (except Christ) is allowed to enter the temple (kingdom of God, or the New Age, see notes) until the last plague is poured out (Rev 15:8), the last plagues will be poured out at the end of the 3 ½ year period.

Wrath: All At Once

pr324» How long is the Last War? How long is God's wrath? There are at least 12 verses in the Bible that say in their higher meaning that the end of this age and its way will come in one day, one hour, in an instant, at once, swiftly and speedily as a overwhelming flood (Isa 10:17, 29:5, 42:14, 47:11; Dan 9:26; Joel 3:4; Nahum 1:8; Zeph 1:18; Mal 3:5; Luke 18:8; Rev 18:8,10,19). The destruction will come just before or near the beginning of the day of the Lord. But it will happen in an instant, at once. Hence the seals, trumpets, and plagues of Revelation will happen all at once.


Greater Detail

pr325» Now let's go into some greater detail. After this we will construct what will happen in the 3 ½ year period and thus explain the book of Revelation. Let's now continue to simplify and synthesize the book of Revelation.

Angel and Angels of Revelation

pr326» Notice that the shout of the voice of Christ sounds like a trumpet (cf l Thes 4:16; Rev 1:10, 4:1). God's voice also is described as thunder (Job 37:4-5). And his voice is as the sound of many waters (Ezek 43:2). And the "seven thunders" of Rev 10:3 is nothing other than the seven trumpets, for God's voice is like a trumpet, thunder, and many waters. These terms are merely metonymical of each other.

pr327» The angel of Rev 10:1-4 that uttered "with a voice, as when a lion roars: and when he had cried [with a voice], seven thunders uttered their voices," is Christ's own angel.

pr328» Notice this angel had a rainbow on his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire (Rev 10:1). This rainbow is of God's throne (Ezek 1:28; Rev 4:3), not just any angel's throne. This angel's face looked like the sun which is the way Christ's face is described (Rev 1:16). He swore by him who created the heaven and earth (Rev 10:6).

pr329» Another proof yet that this angel is Christ's own is to compare the following verses:

  • "A lamb [Christ] as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth" (Rev 5:6).

pr330» All these seven eyes (Spirits) are on the Lamb, and the Lamb is Christ (John 1:29). These seven Spirits are of Christ. Note also:

  • "Seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God" (Rev 4:5).

pr331» Now spirits are angels (Heb 1:7). Thus, these seven Spirits are seven angels. Also, the seven lamps (flames) must burn on a lamp stand. And sure enough there are seven golden candlesticks (lamp stands), and these hold the seven lamps or spirits or angels (Rev 1:20). And as Rev 1:20 shows these seven candlesticks indicate the seven churches of Revelation, chapters 2-3. These seven lamps (flames) are the seven spirits or angels of the seven churches. Notice Heb 1:7 where flames of fire are equated to spirits or angels. These seven spirits or angels are shown throughout the book of Revelation blowing trumpets, talking to John, and so forth. Now we know these seven angels are the seven eyes of the Lamb (Christ); they are of Christ (cf. Rev 4:5). That is, they are of Christ's Spiritual Body that will eventually fill all in all (1Cor 12:12,27).

pr332» Notice Zechariah describes these seven same eyes upon one stone (Zech 3:9). In Zech 4:7 it calls this same stone the headstone: "and he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shouting." The head or chief stone is Christ (Eph 2:20). Thus, this is another proof that these seven eyes or angels are of one, Christ. Revelation uses seven angels to describe Christ or the Spiritual Body of Christ. Hence, the angel of Rev 10:1-4 is Christ and his voice sounds like seven thunders, and his voice is metonymical for the sound of a trumpet or many waters. Remember there is Christ the individual and the Body of Christ with many individuals.

Things We Should Understand

pr333» Revelation is a poetical, symbolical rendition of the end-of-the-age events. It seems mystical only if the reader doesn't understand Biblical symbolism. The Bible uses many metonymical terms to describe the same things or events. Revelation is understandable only if one knows that the seals, trumpets, and plagues happen all at once. And the only way one knows this is to use the whole Bible to unveil the book of Revelation. But the only way to properly do this is to study the whole Bible.

pr334» Next one must know all the terms used to describe the Church, for example the first-fruits, the bride, the woman of Rev 12:1-2; the temple, new Jerusalem, etc. Also, one must know that the seven angels are merely the manifestations of Christ, and that his "voice" is metonymical for many waters, trumpets, thunders, and shouts. What he speaks with his voice is the Word of God, and the physical Word of God is in the Bible. Further one must know that the lake of fire is the beginning and aftermath of an instant atomic (and other super weapons) war that is beginning to burn up the earth at the return of Christ to the physical dimension, and it is this fire that will burn for an agelasting time (Mat 25:41), and this age is for one-thousand years (Rev 20:1-3).

pr335» One must know that many prophecies will be fulfilled to the fullest extent at the end of the age (Ezek 12:22-23). And we must know the Beast of Revelation is the kingdom of Satan/man which will at once encompass all the qualities of the four Beasts of Dan 7. And we must know that the Revelations's woman, great city, Babylon, Egypt, and Sodom are all a descriptive part of the end-of-the-age's Beast. Thus, what the Bible says about the typical Babylon, Egypt, and so forth can be used to describe the end-of-the-age events since many prophecies are to be fulfilled near or at the end of the age.

God's Throne

pr336» Now let's identify one spiritual meaning of God's throne. Rev 3:21 pictures Christ sitting on a throne of his Father. In Isa 66:1 God describes his throne as being heaven: "the heaven is my throne." But what is heaven representative of? It represents the Spiritual dimension. Compare the use of "heaven" and "earth" with "spirit" and "flesh" in, Isa 55:9; 1Cor 15:44-49; Phil 3:18-20; Col 3:1-2; and Heb 9:23-24.

pr337» Now Christ says we can sit on his throne, which is his Father's (Rev 3:21), which is heaven, which is the Spiritual dimension. Thus, Christians can put on the Spiritual dimension as Christ did (see the God Papers). Also notice that Christ's throne is like a fiery flame (Dan 7:9), and fiery flames are equated to spiritual beings (Heb 1:7). What is God's throne? It is Spiritual life. This is one higher meaning of God's throne. In other words, God's throne is not like man's throne, just as the fear of God is different from what man thinks. Those ruling in the 1000 year age won't be sitting around on thrones, but they will act and behave as Christ did on earth. They will be the servants of the new world.

Seals, Trumpets Plagues, and 1260 Days

pr338» Now let's synthesize the seals, trumpets, and plagues (vials) of Revelation.

  • The Church of God (Rev 3:7-13) will be in the spiritual wilderness of the Beast for 1260 days (Rev 12:6,14).
  • These 1260 days (3 ½ years) are the last ½ week of Daniel's prophetic seventy weeks (Dan 9:24-27).
  • It is also the last half of Christ's "week" of confirming the covenant with many, through his two witnesses (Dan 9:26-27, & see above).
  • The end of the seventy weeks of years of Daniel will come on as a flood, with war (Dan 9:26).
  • "Then, in the end [of the 70 weeks; at the end of the 3 ½ years], what has been decreed concerning the desolation will be poured out" (Dan 9:27, NEB).

What is poured out?

pr339» Thus, God's "wrath" is poured out at the end of the age. This word is translated "consummation" in Dan 9:27 in the KJV and "end" in the NEB, but in Hebrew it means, full end. Therefore, at the full end of the 3 ½ years the wine of wrath is poured out. Then the Beast will be destroyed while the Church will be saved (Dan 12:1), and the rulership of God will commence (Rev 11:15).

pr340» This is also confirmed by Jeremiah's seventy years, and the seventy weeks of Dan 9. At the end of these antitypical seventy years, Cyrus (Christ) will physically return and be King of all nations.

pr341» Thus, Christ can't return physically until after the 3 ½ years. The Church is not "born" of God until after the 3 ½ years. The Beast isn't destroyed until after the 3 ½ years. The cup of wrath (vials) is not poured out until after the 3 ½ years.

pr342» Yet Rev 11:15 says after the seventh trumpet (which is, in the word flow of Revelation, before the vials of Rev 16), Christ will come and take over the nations, and the Church will be "born" of God. But as we've shown above these vials are poured out after the 3 ½ years, and at that time the Church is to become the kingdom of God, and at that time Christ is to return physically. Is this another Biblical contradiction? No!

Wrath All at Once

pr343» Notice that in the higher or antitypical meaning of the following scriptures that the wrath is to happen all at once:

Then all nations will be destroyed together:

  • the transgressors are destroyed together [Pss 37:38]

pr344» Because of Babylon's sin against the Church (Israel), then in or "at Babylon [the antitypical Babylon] shall fall the slain of all the earth," thus, of all the nations (Jer 51:48-49).

No War Or Evil Will Be Around After The Kingdom of God Takes Over:


  • affliction not to rise a second time after the end of the wrath [Nahum 1:9]


pr346» Thus, by putting these verses above together, the seals, trumpets, and vials must:

  • happen all at once, in an instant;
  • no war or evil will be thereafter;
  • all destroyed together, that is, evil and the nations' power will all be destroyed together;
  • all this will happen after the 3 ½ years;
  • Christ will physically return after the 3 ½ years to save mankind from his own wrath against himself (Mat 24:22; Luke 9:56);
  • the Church will be born after the 3 ½ years;
  • and the kingdom of God takes over after the 3 ½ years.

pr347» The seals, trumpets, and vials picture events that happen all at once, in a very short period of time. They are not sequential events. They merely amplify with different words and events this greatest of great points in time. This is the reason the book of Revelation is filled with the aorist verb (and other timeless verbs). This verb is one of action, not of time. The aorist verb and other timeless verbs cannot be translated correctly into English, thus the confusion.


Similarities of the Seals, Trumpets, and Vials

pr348» Now let's show the similarities between the seals, trumpets, and vials as well as show you the meaning of the symbolism of these events. After this, in PR6, we will list many groups of verses so you can help further to confirm for yourself what we have been putting forward in this paper.


First Seal

pr349» The first seal was opened and John heard, "as it were the noise of thunder" ( Rev 6:1). As we've shown before God's "voice" sounds like, or is metonymical for, thunder, many waters, and trumpets. Thus, another meaning of the noise of thunder is the sound of a trumpet. What John heard was the first trumpet when the seal was opened. Remember John was "in Spirit on the Lord's day." John was transfigured to the day of the Lord. This is spiritual Lord's day which exists for 1000 years (see "Thousand Years And Beyond" paper [NM 15]).

pr350» Then in verse two John sees a white horse with one on it with a bow, "and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer."

Four Horses

pr351» These four horses mentioned in the sixth chapter of Revelation are the same horses as in Zech 1:8, 6:1-8. Notice these four horses are commissioned to go "to and fro through the world" (Zech 1:10-11, 6:5,7). And these four horses are called four spirits or winds of heaven, which go forth from standing before the Lord of all the earth (Zech 6:5).

pr352» Now in the book of Job it speaks about Satan coming at certain times and standing before the Lord (Job 1:6, 2:1). Notice that Satan is like the four horses or spirits, he goes to and fro through the earth (Job 1:7). Satan's job, one might say, is to go to and fro through the world trying mankind. Now what is the meaning of these four horses of Revelation and Zechariah?

pr353» Notice the four horses are associated with the "Beasts" in Revelation chapter 6. These four "Beasts" should be translated "living creatures." These are the same four living creatures as the ones described in Ezek 1:5-28, 10. These living creatures describe a part of the throne of God. This throne of God describes the total characteristics and powers of God as the Beast of Revelation describes the total powers (rulership) of Satan (see the God Papers, GP9). But if this is so, what part of God's power do the living creatures signify?

pr354» They signify the four Beasts of Dan 7, for again in Daniel "Beast" should be translated "living creature." These living creatures of God's throne are the living creatures ("Beasts" -- KJV) of the seventh chapter of Daniel. These living creatures are the world-ruling kingdoms of the earth. And these kingdoms are a part of God's power (throne) because all kingdoms were given their predestinated power by God (Dan 2:20-21, 4:32-37; John 19:10-11; etc.).

pr355» God's Power Over the World's Kingdoms. It is God who has the overall power over the world's kingdoms. Notice that God cut Nebuchadnezzar off as a leader of Babylon, "to the intent that the living may know that the most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomsoever he will, and sets up over it the basest of men" ( Dan 4:17). And again, "by me [God] kings reign, and princes decree justice. By me princes rule, and nobles, even all the judges of the earth" ( Prov 8:15-16).

pr356» God is the overall head ruler of the world's nations in that all power comes from God (Jer 27:5; Dan 4:25). But the true God (the Becoming-One) himself does not do any wrong, for the true God is love (1John 4:8).

[Remember here that all the works were done from the beginning (Heb 4:3). The creation is like a wound up clock ready to ring at the appointed time. God through knowing ahead of time the outcome has planned it in such a way so as to best form within man the true knowledge of right and wrong. So in a sense, since God planned it this way he has the authority over the parts therein. Yet he himself has not done any harm, but Satan -- the opposite force of the True God -- has been doing the destruction. What God did was create a situation whereby, through cause and effect, he was able to determine the outcome. Since he created man's mind with its limits, and created the degree of effect for each cause, and created the parts of the creation (man, spirit, earth, etc.); he knows the outcome as does one who builds a clock and then sets it to ring at a certain time (see the God Papers). ]

pr357» Now we showed you how the four horses go "to and fro through the earth," (Zech 6:7) just as Satan goes "to and fro" through the earth (Job 1:6-7). And we pointed out that the four horses are associated with the four living creatures ("Beasts" -- KJV) in Rev 6, which are the same living creatures as the ones described in Ezekiel, chapters 1, 10. Yet we know that the four living creatures ("Beast") of Dan 7 are the successive rulership of Satan's kingdom since Satan is at this time the ruler of the world (under God who has allowed Satan's rulership for a higher purpose). Therefore Satan goes "to and fro" through the earth trying it by the medium of the world's kingdoms which are the four living creatures ("Beasts") of Dan 7. And since the four horses are associated with the four living creatures, and also go throughout the world, then the four horses are just another metonymical name for the four living creatures.

pr358» The four horses are like the four living creatures ("Beasts") of Dan 7 which are the four living creatures of and the four living creatures of Revelation. These four horses, which indicate the four Beasts of Dan 7, will at the end of the age be the final Beast pictured in Rev 13:1-2.

pr359» Four Winds; Four Horses. These same four horses, which are called the four spirits (winds) of heaven (Zech 6:2-5), are also indicated by the four horns of Zech 1:18-21 which are the "horns of the Gentiles" (v. 21).

pr360» Four Horns of Brazen Altar. Now "horns" in the Bible are symbolic of kingdoms (see Dan 7:24). These are the four world ruling kingdoms of Dan 7. These four kingdoms are also indicated by the four horns on the Brazen altar of Moses' tabernacle. The fire and sacrifices of this altar indicate two things:

  • the trial and sacrifices the whole world has been going through because of these four horns (kingdoms of Satan);
  • the lake of fire, by which these four Beasts will be destroyed, thus fulfilling God's righteous judgment (Pss 9:15-16).

pr361» Notice the angel takes a censer full of fire off the altar and casts it to the earth (Rev 8:5). This pictures the lake of fire being poured on the earth through the atomic Last War. But let's get back to the first seal.

First Seal

pr362» Who is riding on this first horse, the horse being symbolic of Satan's kingdom? Notice he has A crown, and he went to conquer. It is Christ with his golden crown (Rev 14:14) on his white horse, and his making war in RIGHTEOUSNESS (Rev 19:11).

pr363» Christ is making war in righteousness, as explained before in PR4, by letting the wicked destroy themselves. Christ is pictured on top of this horse because all power and authority is his (Mat 28:18); he has the power over this horse (kingdom); he allows man to begin to destroy himself, yet he will save man from man's own madness. The first seal, thus, pictures Christ allowing the horse to begin to make war.

Second Seal

pr364» Now the second seal shows us how the war is fought "they should kill one another." As shown previously mankind will make war on themselves. They will go mad at the end and begin to commit cosmocide.

Third Seal

pr365» The third seal pictures judgment -- the scales or balances. Also the third vial pictures judgment (Rev 16:4-7). This is judgment of nations (Joel 3:12). This is the righteous judgment of God on Babylon (see, Rev 14:7, 18:10). This seal also pictures the famine of Babylon which comes upon it in one day, in one hour, or one moment of time (Rev 18:8,10).

Fourth Seal

pr366» The fourth seal pictures Death (satan) and the destruction of one-fourth of the earth. This indicates the scope of the destruction by the Last War. It is over one-fourth of the earth's surface. All the destruction was caused by the sword (war), hunger, and death.

Fifth Seal

pr367» The fifth seal is reflective and qualitative. it pictures all those saints killed under the power of the horses (Satan's kingdoms). Dan 7:21,24, 11:33-35; and Dan 12:7,10 picture the same thing. They are told to rest a while until the full number of the saints are killed.

[Remember this is the fifth seal. The whole instantaneous wrath is amplified into seven parts of three sets of descriptions -- the seals, trumpets, and vials; yet the Bible also describes events leading up to this time, and events happening after it (Rev 1:19). The end of the wrath isn't until the action of the last (7th) seal, or trumpet, or vial is completed.]

Sixth Seal

pr368» Now the sixth seal shows the sun becoming black. This is described elsewhere in the Bible, but it speaks of it as the sun and moon being darkened (Isa 13:10), and Ezek 32:7 says why it will be darkened: "and when I put you [Pharaoh -- a type of Satan] out, I will cover the heaven, and make the stars thereof dark; [how?] I will cover the sun with a cloud." The same clouds are pictured in the fifth trumpet as the smoke that came out of the bottomless pit (caused by the bombs) that made the air and sun dark (Rev 9:2).

pr369» Also in the sixth seal it speaks about the stars falling on the earth. Now if any of the stars ever fell on the earth, the Earth would blow up. This is symbolic. God tells us to look to the higher meaning (Col 3:1-2). Stars are representative of angels (Rev 1:20). This merely speaks about the one-third of the total angels who belong to Satan being cast into the bottomless pit at the Messiah's return (Isa 14:12,15, 34:4; Ezek 28:7-8,17, 31:16; Rev 12:4, 20:1-3).

pr370» Verse 14 speaks of every mountain and island being moved out of their places. Now this can't be because only one-fourth of the earth will be affected by the Last War (Rev 6:8). There is a higher meaning here. Now mountains are symbolic of nations or kingdoms (Rev 17:9-10). Although the earth will be greatly shaken by this Last War (Isa 24:19-21), the higher sense of this verse tells us every kingdom of this world will be put down; then the rulership of God will take over (Rev 11:15).

pr371» Verses 15-16 show people hiding themselves in caves and so forth. This pictures the great fear surrounding this day of wrath (Isa 2:10,19,21; Ezek 32:10). One reason for this fear is that about three days before this the two witnesses were killed. For 3 ½ years these two have been teaching what the world was about to do to itself -- commit cosmocide. They have been telling them that the New Age or the kingdom of God is coming. Rev 11 pictures the world as if it were relieved that these prophets died. The world will probably hope what they were saying was wrong, yet subconsciously (the other-mind) they will know that these prophets are right. The spirit in man (the other-mind) knows it will at some time be tormented (Mat 8:29; Mark 5:7). But also they think they will be destroyed in the lake of fire (Job 15:22; Mark 1:24).

pr372» Man, and the enemy spirit in man, as the hours tick off after the prophets are killed will remember their last words that the Messiah will come within 3 ½ days after they are killed (Rev 11:9-12). The spirit in man knows it will be tormented once the Messiah returns. This is the reason for the great fear as the hours tick away toward Christ's physical return. This is why people go into caves to hide from the Lord. Even though the two witnesses will tell the world that Christ will come to save or free mankind, they will not believe it, for they have the spirit of fear in them (Rom 8:15; 2Tim 1:7). Not only was Christ's first stay on this earth marred, but his return will be even more so, "his visage was so marred more than any man" (Isa 52:14). People now think God will come with fire and damnation, and this idea won't change much over the next few years.

Seventh Seal

pr373» Now when the seventh seal is opened, "there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour" ( Rev 8:1). This "half an hour" is translated from a Greek word. It merely indicates a very short period of time. This is also pictured in Rev 7:1-3. As the Last War begins, in the middle of it God will stop it for a short moment and seal his elect, by writing his Name on their foreheads (Rev 14:1). They at that moment are born of God in the middle of the lake of fire caused by the super weapons. Now let's explain the trumpets and vials.


pr374» Before the first trumpet is blown we see an angel with a golden censer filled with fire out of the altar. This altar has four horns indicating the four Beasts of Dan 7 or the four horses of Revelation and Zechariah. On this altar a continuous fire was always going (Lev 6:13). This pictures the continuous fire or trial of mankind caused by Satan's spiritual kingdom -- the other-mind's power. A censer is nothing but a cup. This golden censer can be looked upon as the golden cup that is poured upon Babylon (Rev 14:7-10). Notice the golden censer of fire is poured out on the earth (Rev 8:5). Anything poured out of a cup or censer falls all at once. This pictures the fire of the lake of fire falling on the earth all at once. When the bombs go off there will be "thunderings, lightning, and an earthquake" as Rev 8:5 shows and Isa 29:6; Rev 11:19, 16:18,20-21. The hail stones are merely caused by the unbelievable Last War.

pr375» Notice that Peter says on this day that, "the heaven being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat" ( 2Pet 3:10,12). God has reserved a cause and effect law for this great Last War. If the elements of the sky are burning as Peter tells us on that day, then there must be great heat generated. There must be a certain temperature when reached that will cause the sky to be set on fire. In Rev 16:21 it says the hail stones weigh as much as a talent, which is approximately 100 pounds. The great heat will cause matter to explode, "have you seen the treasures of the hail, which I have reserved against the time of trouble, against the day of battle and war?" (Job 38:22-23) No we have never seen it, but Rev 16:21 describes it as does Ezek 38:22.

First Trumpet

pr376» Now notice what happened after the trumpet is blown, "and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood" ( Rev 8:7). This hail is the same hail we just spoke about, and the fire causes the hail, and the fire will come from man's own weapons for God's wrath is man's wrath against himself as we've shown you in PR4.

pr377» Now what happens when one is in a lake of fire caused by man's wrath against himself? "Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth" ( Zech 14:12). "And their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as the dung" ( Zeph 1:17). Some have accused the true God of doing such acts, but we see herein how these things will happen.

pr378» Further in Rev 8:7 we see where one-third of the trees are to be burnt up and the grass also. Now trees are symbolic of kingdoms as well as of the people in these kingdoms (Isa 10:18-19). This is merely a symbolical way of describing the fact that one-third of those living before the day of wrath will die on that day (Rev 9:15,18). Notice, "by these three was the third part of man killed, [1] by the fire, [2] and by the smoke, [3] and by the brimstone" (Rev 9:18).

pr379» Rev 8:7 also says all the grass was burnt up. Thus this means that all the grass around where this war will be located will burn up (over one-fourth of the earth, Rev 6:8), and since grass is symbolic to people (Isa 40:6), then all the people in this area of the earth will burn up except those supernaturally saved (Mat 24:22).

Second Trumpet

pr380» Now the second trumpet sounds and we see a great mountain burning that is cast into the sea. Read Jer 51:24-25 where it identifies this mountain as Babylon. Since we know it doesn't mean the old Babylon but the Babylon described in Revelation (Satan's kingdom), then we know Satan's kingdom will be destroyed by burning and then at the same time thrown into the sea. The "sea," is used interchangeably in the Old Testament with the pit -- bottomless pit (see Ezek 27:32, 28:8). Actually the bottomless pit or lake of fire of Rev 20:1-3,10 is an antitypical event of what happened to the Pharaoh and his troops -- the Red Sea buried them (Exod 14:27). The lake of fire will bury the antitypical Egypt, Babylon, and the Pharaoh.

pr381» Next we see a third part of the sea becomes blood (Rev 8:8-9). The higher meaning here again reiterates that one-third of all the angels are being destroyed (see next section).

Third Trumpet

pr382» Then when the third trumpet sounds we see a star falling to the earth. The higher meaning here pictures an angel falling to the earth, for stars are symbolic of angels (Rev 1:20). This angel is identified as Satan the Dragon who brings down one-third of the total angels (stars) to the earth (Rev 12:3-4,9,12). This is also pictured in Rev 6:13 and in Isa 14:12ff.

pr383» Notice that this star called Wormwood fell on a third part of the rivers and that third part became wormwood. What does that mean? What is the higher or antitypical meaning? Moving or running water is symbolic to spirit (John 7:38-39). Thus, the star or angel called Wormwood (Satan) fell on a third of the rivers of water (spirit) and they became wormwood; they became Satan's angels (Rev 12:4). "And many men died of the waters [spirits of Satan] because they were made bitter" (v. 11).

pr384» Thus, now we know what the following verse means, "I will feed them, even this people, with wormwood [Satan], and give them water [spirit] of gall to drink" ( Jer 9:15, 23:15). And now we know by putting Rev 8:10-11 and Jer 9:14 together what Peter meant when he said to Simon of Samaria, "for I perceive that you art in the gall of bitterness," that is, he was bitter with the Wormwood (Satan) that was inside him misleading him.

Fourth Trumpet

pr385» Then the fourth angel sounded the trumpet, and one-third of the sun, moon, and stars were smitten, and made dark. What is the higher meaning here? Now darkness is symbolic to Satan as light is symbolic to God (1John 1:5) since Satan and God are opposite qualities as darkness is opposite to light (see Col 1:13). Thus, one-third of the sun and moon and stars were darkened by Satan. Now we're aware that one-third of the stars (angels) were darkened by Satan's way, but what does it mean when it says the sun and moon were darkened?

pr386» If you have read the paper on the symbolic meaning of the sun and moon you know they are symbolic of God and Jesus Christ the man. Now we know if a third of the sun (God) is darkened then we know a third of the moon will also be darkened, for the moon merely reflects the sun's light. Now at the beginning the stars (angels) were created by God. Since angels are made of spirit and God is spirit, the angels were thus made out of the material of God. One-third of the darkened angels were at one time a part of God's Spirit. And if you read the God Papers you will see that God doesn't consider himself complete until the end of creation when all things are gathered into Christ. This includes all the angels. Now since the sun is symbolic of Christ, what is meant by it being one-third darkened, is that, one-third of God (the completed God) is darkened. Not until these darkened angels are made light again will the Body of Christ be completed. In other words, the fourth trumpet merely reiterates the fact that one-third of the angels are of Satan, and through the knowledge about the sun's symbolic meaning, we know God considers one-third of his potential is also darkened.

Fifth Trumpet

pr387» Then the fifth trumpet sounds at this point (Rev 9:1), and we see a star fall to earth with the key of the bottomless pit. Stars are symbolic to angels, thus, the higher meaning here means that an angel came to earth with the key. Now this same event is shown in Rev 20:1-3. This bottomless pit elsewhere in the Bible is called hell (cf Ezek 32:24,27). The bottomless pit is hell, the grave. Who has the key to the bottomless pit, to hell? "I am he that lives, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive into the ages of ages, and have the keys of hell and of death" (Rev 1:18). God has the keys to the pit -- to hell. We have already shown you that the seven angels are merely manifestations of Christ, so the angel with the key in Rev 9:1, 20:1 is Christ.

pr388» Rev 9:2 shows the pit and smoke coming out. Now we know that God will not initiate the lake of fire, but those nations who will be fighting among themselves will initiate the fire. And since the weapons that could cause the heavens to burn and the elements to burn (2Pet 3:10,12) are atomic in nature, this Last War will begin and end with atomic weapons and other weapons flying everywhere. The deeds of this war will fall on man's own head (Obad 1:15). Yet this war is begun by the spiritual madness of Satan who knows his time is short: "Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has but a short time" ( Rev 12:12).

pr389» Satan and his angels through their influence in the minds of mankind will cause man to go mad at the end of this age. The smoke coming out of the pit (Rev 9:2) is the smoke from the aftermath of the atomic weapons. This is where the clouds of smoke come from that cover the stars (Isa 13:10; Ezek 32:7).

pr390» "The heathen are sunk down in the pit that they made ... Hell from beneath is moved for you [Satan, Babylon, Lucifer, see context] to meet you at your coming ... All they [nations] shall speak and say unto you [Satan], Art you also become weak as we? art you become like unto us? Your pomp is brought down to the grave, and the noise of your vials: the worm is spread under you, and the worms cover you. How art you fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning ['darkness' -- from Strong's # 7837 & 7835]! How art you cut down to the ground, which did weaken the nations!" (Pss 9:15; Isa 14:9-12) This pictures Satan after he is cast down to the earth (Rev 12:12), after his rulership is taken away. Remember all these things happen at once: the Last War (Dan 9:26-27; Mat 24:7), Satan's power being taken away (Rev 20:1-3), and the kingdom of God taking over (Rev 11:15-18).

pr391» "And out of the smoke came locusts into the earth [pit]" (Rev 9:3). The correct translation shows locusts passing away into the earth. Now these locusts are identified in Nahum 3:15-18 as the troops of the king of Assyria. This same king is the one described in Isa 10:5-19. This king prefigured the leader of the Beast of Rev 13, and is also the false-prophet. This king is also a shadow of Satan himself (2Thess 2:9). Thus, not only do these locusts indicate the troops of this Assyrian king, but also the troops of what this king represents on earth -- Satan's troops, his angels. These locusts at once picture the Assyrian troops and Satan's angels. They are destroyed by the effects of the Last War. One effect of the Last War being the smoke.

pr392» Now Rev 9:5 should be translated, "and to them [the locusts] it was given that they should not kill them [man], but that they [man] will be tormented five months: and their torment as the torment of a scorpion, when he strikes a man." This pictures man being tormented by the symbolic locusts (Satan's angels) for five months before the Last War. This can't be after the Last War because there will be no evil after this instant war. Man will be mentally tormented for five months before God returns. But, of course, since the garden of Eden man has been tormented by Satan (see "Old Mind" paper [NM 21]).

pr393» Verse six shows mankind seeking death, but afraid to kill himself. Why? The spirit of man that misleads mankind is a spirit of fear. Even though these spirits are making men miserable, men will be afraid to take their own lives, for they don't know that there is no hell-fire for themselves. There is a hell-fire for the spiritual evil angels, but man because of these confused spirits in their minds think that they themselves will be tormented in this fire (see the "Thousand Years and Beyond" paper [NM 15]).

pr394» Notice the crowns of these locusts' heads in Rev 9:7. Compare this with Nahum 3:17.

pr395» Notice the proof that these locusts are symbolic of Satan's angels: "and they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abbaddon, but in the Greek tongue has his name Appollyon." These are two of the many names the Bible uses to describe Satan. Appollyon means destroyer. Satan is the destroyer of the world. His way is of destruction (Isa 14:12,20).

Sixth Trumpet

pr396» Then comes the sixth trumpet (Rev 9:13-21). Now in verse 14 it speaks of four angels. Who or what are these four angels? Notice in Zech 6:5 it identifies four horses as four spirits or winds since the Hebrew word means both spirit and wind. These four winds or spirits are shown in Rev 7:1, "the four winds of the earth." Here, they are being held back until the saints are sealed. These four winds are the four horses, which are the four Beasts, which are the kingdom of Satan. Thus, in Rev 7:1 it pictures the kingdom of Satan (the four winds or spirits or horses or Beasts) being held back from destroying in the Last War until the saints are sealed. Yet since angels are spirits (Heb 1:7), we know the four angels of Rev 9:14 are symbolic of the four spirits (winds) of Zech 6 and Rev 7, or the four horses of Rev 6. Therefore these four angels picture, in a way, what is being said in Rev 7:1. These four angels of Satan's rulership are being held back from the end-of-the-age's wrath until the appointed time of wrath or judgment (Acts 17:31).

pr397» Now the Beasts of Daniel and/or Revelation specifically describe the kingdom of Satan that has or had rulership in or around Jerusalem. Yet the whole world is a part of Satan's kingdom.

pr398» Notice what Christ prophesies about Satan's kingdom at the end: "every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falls. If Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand?" (Luke 11:17-18)

pr399» Next we see the four angels (the horses of Rev 6) being let loose, and a great army is allowed to cross the Euphrates river. This army was prepared for this battle for over a year (v. 15). It is by and with this army that a third of mankind and angelkind in the Last War will be destroyed or as good as destroyed. Who are these nations?

pr400» Ezek 38-39 picture these same nations as does Jer 50-51, and Isa 13:6-22. These are the nations of the north, the Medes, Ma-gog, Meshech, etc. Somewhere today these nations or peoples exist. Along with these and other nations and peoples, are the ones who come from the east and north towards Jerusalem (Dan 11:44). These nations are a part of Satan's rulership. (In Biblical symbolism, the "east" represents the future -- the direction of the Sun's coming day light; and the "north" represents the spiritual left, the spiritual evil side. See Hebrew words for "east" and "north" in the Lexicon.)

pr401» Notice what Ezek 38:10-11 says about these nations, "thus says the Lord GOD; It shall also come to pass, that at the same time [the 'latter years,' v. 8] shall things come into your mind [the mind of these national leaders], and you shall think an evil thought: and you shall say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages [the Middle East, see v. 8]" (see also Jer 51:28). They will prepare to attack. They thought up this plan to attack one year, one month, one day, and one hour before they actually will attack (Rev 9:15). In a Spiritual sense, the spiritual Beast is in the minds of Spiritual Jerusalem as the other-mind. See Old Mind Paper. [NM 21]

pr402» This great army of the north (Ezek 38:15) will not only attack the land of the Middle East, but also the people of God's Church who will be within the strike of the army (Isa 54:15; Jer 6:23; Ezek 38:16; Mic 4:11). Since in the Spiritual sense the land of Spiritual Israel is the whole earth [Seed Paper], then God's Church need not be located in the Middle East at the very End. Actually this is a main reason this war will happen. Remember Satan's spiritual influence rules this world (Rev 13:2). But Satan will be committing cosmocide when he tries to stop the Church from being born. Rev 12:2-4 pictures Satan trying to destroy the child that is about to be born. Isa 66:6-9 helps to identify this child as the born Church.

pr403» Thus, there are two reasons these nations will come against this land at the end:

pr404» Rev 9:18 shows the destruction caused by the sides of Satan's kingdom coming against each other. Verse 20 says those not killed in these plagues did not repent or change their minds. But remember this is only the sixth trumpet, there is still one more. All these trumpets, seals, and vials happen at once. But after the completion of these, the spirit of man, the other-mind, will be locked up in the pit so that they will not mislead man again (Zech 13:2; Rev 20:1-4). These spirits in man's mind are what causes man to hate God's way of harmony even though God's way is the way of peace. Thus, after these spirits are taken out of man's mind, one knows "the kingdom of God is come upon you" (Luke 11:20).

pr405» Follow these verses to see exactly what will happen after the Last War: Isa 17:7, 24:13-15, 52:14-15, 59:19, 60:2-4,18; Mic 7:16-17; Zeph 3:11,15; Rev 20:1-3.

pr406» Chapter 10:1-11:13 of Revelation are inset or parenthetical chapters (see "Two Witnesses Paper" [PR8]).

Seventh Trumpet

pr407» The seventh trumpet (rev 11:15) shows the Church being born of God, and the kingdom of God taking over rulership (note, 1Cor 15:52-55; l Thes 4:16-17; Rom 10:6-7). Notice at the sounding of the seventh trumpet the door of the temple is opened which, as we explain in the notes to this paper, is the door into the finished Spiritual temple (Rev 11:19). At that same time the earthquakes, thunder, and hail go off due to the atomic Last War.

pr408» Again we repeat, all the seals, trumpets, and vials happen all at once. They merely amplify this moment of time and tell a few events that lead up to them, like the northern army preparing to make war for a year (Rev 9:15).


pr409» Now let's quickly cover the vials of chapter 16. But instead of going over again what we have already put forth, let us just say the vials picture the damage done by the Last War -- the blood, fire, etc. These verses picture evil spirits gathering the nations to fight this last battle. They are gathered at the "Armageddon" which was prefigured in the land of the Middle East many years ago. But the real Armageddon battle will be the final sacrifice:

  • "And it shall come to pass in the day of the Lord's sacrifice, that I will punish the princes, and the king's [Satan's] children, and all such as are clothed with strange apparel. In the same day also will I punish all those that leap on the threshold, which fill their masters houses with violence and deceit" ( Zeph 1:8-9).

pr410» This pictures the last great sacrifice on the brazen altar. The lake of fire is the antitypical meaning of the fire that always burned on this altar (Exod 38:1-5; Lev 6:13). The gathering of Satan's kingdoms (horns) towards Jerusalem is the antitypical meaning of the four horns around this brazen altar. This final sacrifice of the Lord is how the antitypical daily sacrifice is taken away. But as shown in PR4, it is actually Satan's sacrifice, for his ways cause trials and destruction. This is the last sacrifice for man at the hands of Satan's kingdom. The four horns of the altar represent the four kingdoms of Satan. The four kingdoms are described in Dan 7.

What Is Important

pr411» It isn't really that important to know exactly where each army will be, or if such and such a nation mentioned in the Bible is modern day such and such. Why? It is because all nations will fight or be a casualty in the last war, so there is no need to identify them. All we need to know is that the seals, trumpets, and vials are the same event, an end-of-the-age war -- the Last War. Much of Revelation describes and qualifies this Last War, and the events leading up to it, and the events right after it.

pr412» The important thing to know is that at the time of that war one-third of the people are killed (afterward one-third of the angels are locked up), one-fourth of the earth is destroyed, and Christ comes at that point to save the world (Mat 24:22). The Last War happens 1260 days after the Beast-man takes control of the Beast system (see "Beast-Man Paper" [PR2] and the "End of the Age" paper [PR7]). God's wrath is man's wrath on their own system.


Notes for PR5

Church In Symbolism

pr413» Now notice Rev 15:8, where it says, "no man was able to enter into the temple, till the seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled." But we quoted before that the Church was the temple (Eph 2:19-22). What is Rev 15:8 saying then? If there is a Church now on the earth, then men are already of, or in, the temple of God, yet Rev 15:8 says no man can enter the Temple until the last plagues which are described in the 16th chapter of Revelation.

pr414» To clear this up we need to know that the Church is made up of Spiritually begotten people. At the last trumpet then they will be born of God (1Cor 15:52-55). The Church can be looked upon as a people in the womb of its mother (the Church) who are growing into a born child of God. The Church is now in the process of being built, only when it is born will it be complete. Notice Isa 66:6-9 where it pictures a pregnant woman just before birth, and then giving birth. It indicates in verse eight that a whole nation was to be born at once. This nation is called the "holy nation" by Peter (1Pet 2:9) after he called this same nation a "spiritual house" (v. 5). And he indicates in context of these verses that this nation, this spiritual house, is the Church. Thus, the Church is the nation to be born at once, and is now a begotten people in its mother's womb.

pr415» Notice that Paul calls "Jerusalem which is above ... the mother of us all" ( Gal 4:26). What is this Jerusalem which is above? It is the "heavenly Jerusalem" which is the "church of the first-born" ( Heb 12:22-23). And this "heavenly Jerusalem," or as Galatians calls it, the Jerusalem which is above (in heaven, thus the heavenly Jerusalem), is also described in Rev 21:2, "New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband."

pr416» This pictures the heavenly Jerusalem coming down from heaven; it also calls this city the bride, or in verse nine the "Lamb's wife." Eph 5:22-33 says that wives or women are symbolic to the Church. Thus, here is another proof that the Church is a mother -- the wife of the Lamb (Christ). But further, we see that it is the New Jerusalem, the temple, the house of God, the Lamb's wife, and the mother of us all. In other words, there are many names in the Bible that describe the same Church.

pr417» This same mother Church or wife Church is described in Rev 12:1-2. Here it pictures it about to deliver its child. As we noted in Isa 66:6-9 this "child" of Revelation is the Church. Isa 66:7 calls this child a "man child." This same man child is shown in Rev 12:5 (see also Isa 26:17-20). This "man child," pictures Christ's Spiritual Body (the Church) in its antitypical meaning. Thus again we see the begotten Church as a child in a woman's womb growing into a born child.

pr418» Yet we have shown God's temple as being symbolic to the Church. But note in Eph 2:21 that the Church is in the process of growing into a "holy temple." From the English translation in the Interlinear Greek -- English New Testament (Zondervan Pub) verse 22 reads, "in whom also you are being built together for a habitation of God in Spirit." Also in this same translation it says the Church members "are being built up a house spiritual, a priesthood holy" (1Pet 2:5). In other words, the temple (Church) is in the process of being built. It is not yet built, it is like a baby in a womb, it is growing into the finished product, the born Church.

pr419» Hence, the temple of Rev 15:8 is the true temple (the born Church). This is the reward that Christ is to bring back to the earth, the Church (or more correctly the first-products of the Church). No person can enter this Spiritual temple, in the truest sense, until the plagues are poured out.

pr420» Thus, what Rev 15:8 is saying is that no one will be born of God until after the last plagues. This is proof that God's kingdom does not take over until after the last plagues. Yet Rev 11:15 says that after the seventh trumpet, the kingdom of God will take over rulership. And l Corinthians 15:52 shows after the seventh trumpet ("last trumpet"), the begotten Church will become the born Church. Of course, this is because the seven seals, trumpets, and plagues of Revelation are the same events. These are merely metonymical terms for the same events. And the description given is an amplification of one instant of time, for the verses we've shown to you previously prove the Last War happens all at once. Revelation merely amplifies that one point in time as well as gives information of the events up to that time, and after that Last War.



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