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Creation v. Evolution


There are multiple scriptures in the Bible that distinctively say that God created the universe. The beginning of our universe came from the creation by the ultimate Power, God. Yet since the middle 1800s Darwin's evolution theory has taken over the universities of the world as the explanation for the existence of the universe. But the evolutionary theory can't even explain the extraordinary complexity of the "simple" cell. In each cell there is a complex factory that keeps each cell in operation as well as a code system (DNA) that regulates our body's processes. Our bodies are made up of trillions of these cells, all working together to keep us alive. The complexity is profound. Go here to view a few short films that help to explain the complexity of our cell system. Go here to see a web site that gives the creation point of view. The BeComing-One Church believes in creation, the only real answer that explains what is. Also see the Introduction section of our New Minds Papers and our God Papers.



Creation v. Evolution

False dating systems used in Evolution for old ages: Here



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